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Dock Door Service

Just like our durable dock doors, our service is 100% dependable

As reputable suppliers of a wide range of door and dock solutions for commercial enterprises of all sizes, we are perfectly equipped to meet all your door and dock needs at competitive prices. With our vast experience and in depth understanding of industrial needs, we know that dock doors need to be both durable and reliable.

Having been in the industry for as many years as we have (more than twenty, to be precise!), nobody is better suited to meet your needs than we are, and we know that along with our wide range of commercial and industrial solutions, you'll find our dock door service suits your every need.

Whatever your industrial needs, we have a range of high-quality dock doors to match your specific requirements, and can help you select the right one to suit its purpose. From heavy duty dock doors that can stand up to accidental impact from a forklift, to doors that help screen bugs and keep areas free from contamination, we've got them all. Automatically operated, or manually, our choice of commercial doors will help your business function better and ensure that you comply with health and safety regulations, at all times.

What is a dock door?

This particular type of industrial dock door is comprised of sectional doors that move smoothly and efficiently within tracks. Typically constructed with panels that are insulated and coming with operational systems, they serve a wide range of loading needs at a loading dock. Often used in conjunction with a dock door, is a loading dock leveler: a piece of steel that helps to form a bridge between the bed of a truck and a warehouse building.

Customized and specialty door solutions:

If your needs are more specific, such as sectional doors, overhead doors with transparent panels, fabric or rubber doors, we have a range of customizable doors that our team will professionally install to ensure that they fit perfectly, and function smoothly. You might even require a pass- through man door, custom track layout or powder-coating options; no matter how exacting, unique or unusual your requirement, we guarantee to match it.

Our team:

Our fleet of company owned service and installation vehicles, enables us to limit any additional transport costs for clients, and with a huge stock of spare parts in our warehouse, we can complete any repair job, swiftly and efficiently.

When you order a door from us, we will send a factory trained technician out to install it and guide you as to how to use it safely, and they will be available to answer any of your concerns, there and then. However, should you later have any concerns or issues with a door that we've installed, or have damaged a door and need to get it repaired urgently, our friendly team are on hand to take your call and make sure you get the assistance that you need.

Our dependability promise:

We can help you get the most out of your existing doors and maximize their longevity, by suggesting a range of cost-effective improvements, and with our expertise, we can advise you as to whether the benefits of retrofitting replacement equipment, is worth it in the long run.

Our dependability promise doesn't just include our products, but extends to our service, too.

Our thermally efficient dock doors:

Having a dock door that can protect a building and its contents from the elements is vital, and fortunately, our exclusive service includes filling the interior of the door with energy saving polyurethane foam insulation; guaranteeing structural integrity, too. Thermal efficiency has proven to be a particularly hot topic of late (pardon the pun!), and our team of specialists, technicians and advisors are receiving increasing numbers of queries related to energy saving and carbon footprints. To this end, we have made sure that all of our thermal products do exactly what they're supposed to, and help you save money on your energy bills while enabling you to do your bit for environmental conservation.

Also available in our extensive range, are insulated glass windows, and to know more about any of our products or services, call our friendly team today, on: (832) 232 – 9150. Always here to help answer any queries that you might have, or simply to discuss your door and dock requirements in a little more detail, we are never too busy to take your call. However, if you don't have the time to talk to us right now, why not complete our online inquiry form and we'll call you back at a time that's convenient for you. We would also like to take this opportunity to reassure all of our potential customers that we will only every give, professional, technically sound, and wholly reliable advice and guidance for all our products and services, and will never encourage you to purchase something that we don't think you need, or which is not the most cost-effective solution for you simply to make more money. We are a business, of course, but we are not in the business of deceiving anyone or persuading them to buy products they have no use or need for.

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