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our experienced team of technicians will get you up and running within the constraints of your business. Regardless of the industrial or commercial status you can rest assured that Door and Dock solutions will complete the project safely and efficiently. Our work has included upgrades and general service for many different applications. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a series of print, radio and television public service announcements alerting the public to the stricter safety standards that are now in place for automated gate systems. The standard also addresses factors relating to gate construction and installation, especially safeguards to prevent “reach through” accidents with sliding gates. Other safety items are:

  •  Vehicular gate operators should only be used on vehicular gates, never on pedestrian gates;
  • Controls should be as far away from the gate as possible to prevent the “reach-through” accidents mentioned previously;
  • All exposed entrapment points must be eliminated or guarded;
  • Guarding must be supplied for exposed rollers;
  • Gate controls must be installed where the user has a full view of the gate operation;
  • Warning signs should be posted on each side of the gate.

Here are some special points made by the panel which were extracted from UL 325:

Class IV Restricted access vehicular gate operator

A vehicular gate operator or system intended for use in a guarded industrial location or building such as an airport security area or other restricted access location not servicing the general public, in which unauthorized access is prevented via supervision by security personnel.

We install and service/upgrade all types of commercial drive way gates and gate openers in Houston including Sliding Gates, Cantilever gate, Swing Gates, Bi folding high speed gate, Vertical Pivot gate, Vertical lift gate, Security gate, Automatic Driveway Gate Opener repair, Solar gate openers, Remote controls, Telephone entry systems, Vehicle sensors, Loops and Loop detectors, Parking barrier arms, Security gate Opener repair, Vehicle tag readers, and apartment and Subdivision Access Controls in Houston includes,

  • Class I and Class II operators must have an audio alarm which shall function if two sequential activations of the entrapment protection device occur.
  • Class I and Class II gate operators cannot exceed a speed of one foot per second.
  • Class III  Industrial / limited access vehicular gate operator
  • A vehicular gate operator or system intended for use in an industrial location or building such as a factory or loading dock area or other locations not intended to service the general public. 
Gate Repair Automatic Gate Repair
Electric Gate Repair Routine Maintenance for Gates and Gate Openers
Telephone, Intercom, Video entry systems Gate Operator Repair
Readers, Proximity readers Gate Opener Repair
Diagnostics service Complete diagnostic service to determine gate repair problem
Closed Circuit T.V New Gate Installation
Keypad controls Complete Gate System Replacement
Magnetic lock Emergency Repair service
Transmitters for doors and gates Intuitive Remote systems management
Loop detectors Manage Multiple locations effortlessly
Card Readers Smartphone and Tablet compatible access
Biometric Access control  

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