Doors play a most important role in the fire protection of a building; they allow people to evacuate safely from a building along with limiting the spread of fire and smoke to other areas. Fire rated doors require special materials and sealing to provide damage security when needed. In applications where fire is a threat the capabilities of fire rated doors can keep fire and smoke out of other occupied areas of the building to minimize risk of more extensive damage. Our skilled technicians are trained to properly fix and add fire doors so that people in your building can exit safely while limiting the spread of smoke and fire. Door manufacturers have regulatory testing to be certified as “fire worthy” for certain lengths of time and different types of fires. NFPA 80 rated doors are often required in commercial buildings for safety requirements. Whether it’s an industrial or commercial application fire risk can be a concern for safety of human life. Preparing for emergencies with fire doors is an excellent way to slow the spread of fire, potentially saving lives.Read More


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