Bi-fold door, Hangar doors, Industrial sliding door repair, service, and installations

Bi-fold door, Hangar doors, Industrial sliding door repair, service, and installations

Bi-Folding doors provide the advantages of vast opening capacities, allowing for plentiful headroom to move equipment into and out of a facility. In addition to the additional headroom, Bi-Folding Doors provide longer life for a building structure than other opening methods, such as sliding or folding door installations.


Bi-fold doors are ideal for confining livestock, controlling access to sensitive areas, and providing a secure barrier against the harsh elements of nature. From large industrial factories to more compact operations involving horses, sheep, or goats, bi-fold doors with their extra-wide full-size openings protect from the elements and easy access for loading or unloading. Bi-Folding entries cover a wide variety of applications: Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, and Marine, as well as being a favorite of the Aviation industry.

Bi-Fold Doors have many great features that make them a leader in the door industry. Bi-Fold doors are an excellent choice for doors that require space efficiency, like barn and equipment doors. Bifold doors have a track record as reliable and high-quality doors that can be installed in all conditions, with many designs. Now that you've given your building some serious thought, you're ready to acquire a door system. There are many design advantages to bi-fold door systems since they have two sections, which puts less stress on your building.

Our industrial folding doors adapt to any building, large or small, in any industry. When it comes to providing a solution for a clear opening, there are only many ways to solve the issue. The bi-fold offers straightforward answers to complex questions like automatic locking, security, and ease of operation. The Bi-fold door has an excellent seal against the building that limits the amount of air to escape; these seals allow the door to maintain a weather tightness and help keep bugs and rodents out of the building. This is so important with the ever-increasing cost of energy.

Bifold doors free up valuable space while still providing the high level of performance they need. When used in warehouses, Bifold doors eliminate the need for dangerous forklift traffic inside the door opening and reduce the amount of exterior wall space required by dispensing with roll-up doors, thereby maximizing storage capacity. Bifold doors are an excellent choice for almost any commercial application, including retail, warehouse, showrooms, and institutional.

Their sleek, clean appearance is perfect for any modern style of architecture. They are available in a range of sizes and openings to fit most applications, and a variety of options help ensure you get exactly what you need. You can choose from manual or automatic operation versions with open or closed returns, making it impossible to see through the opening when you have the right doors installed and varying configurations and closure types.

These can be installed as hangar, industrial, commercial, vertical lifting fabric (roll-up), folding, dock, shipyard, crane way, and more. Slide-folding doors, also known as folding sliding doors, accordion doors, or bi-folding doors, can be made up of (2) two through (6) six-door panel sections that are hinged together and are carried by an overhead track system. The panels fold up and stack in front of or against the wall as the door slides open. Either can support the panel that is closest to the wall by a pivot system or by hinges.

Commercial folding door systems are often a better choice over sliding glass doors

Commercial folding doors are most often used in commercial spaces where a large opening is needed. They are distinguished from sliding door systems, which open by pulling a handle. Commercial folding door systems open wide and provide a larger space than sliding door systems, but they are less convenient to manually open and close.

Commercial folding door systems can be more expensive than comparable sliding door systems. This can be offset because many commercial spaces have more space and more available floor area than typical residential spaces. Some features of commercial folding door systems include:

  • Higher cost compared to sliding door systems
  • Wide opening that provides additional access to space compared to sliding doors
  • Motorized system (to open or close the doors) that can be operated remotely using an application on a mobile phone or computer (the motorized system is automated with the remote control)
  • Automatic closing of the doors when no one is present (for example, when waiting for delivery)
  • Automatic locking of the doors when no one is present (to prevent unauthorized use)

The benefits of commercial folding door systems are substantial: They allow greater flexibility in meeting specific needs, such as those associated with flexible office interior configurations and large open spaces. Commercial folding door systems offer greater access without drawing attention to their use, while they may offer a level of security that's typically associated with a more expensive product. Commercial folding glass doors can also be particularly useful for applications where there may not be sufficient wall space for another type of product such as shelving units or storage cabinets, depending on the configuration and size required for each particular application.

They can open much more expansive than sliding doors, providing more access to the desired space

Many people believe that a bi-folding door is the best option for most applications, but this statement has some limitations. There are significant differences between auto and motorized systems. The latter requires a lot of maintenance and is often lower in quality than the former, which will probably do the job perfectly well, saving you valuable time and money.

Bi-folding doors open wider than sliding door systems because they incorporate hinges that can be opened manually or automatically. Bi folding doors can be opened wider than sliding doors because they have heavier hinge arms, which give them more strength than sliding door systems.

Motorized versions can easily replace sliding door systems if you don't need as wide an opening. Motorized versions open much more comprehensively than auto-folds (and can even open as wide as a regular window is tall), providing more scheduling and travel times flexibility.

If you want to save cost on your bills, consider switching to motorized bi-folding doors instead of replacing your existing ones. You'll also get additional features such as automatic closing or opening, which is recommended for large rooms with heavy furniture or light traffic (you should check with your local building department first).

On the other hand, if you want to save money on energy costs, consider motorized bi-folding doors instead of replacing all of your entries at once (again, preferably over new installs). We recommend that you consult with an engineer before deciding about buying a commercial aluminum folding door system.

Commercial folding door systems offer other benefits such as insulation and soundproofing that sliding glass doors cannot match

Many commercial folding doors are made from lightweight aluminum, which is a good choice for the environment. However, many commercial aluminum doors do not have any insulation. This means space heat and moisture can seep in from the outside and add to building costs. If you need to install an aluminum door for commercial use, you should choose an insulated door so that space heat and moisture do not enter the building.

There are several options for commercial folding doors that are also used at home. If space is limited in your home, one option is to use a sliding glass door instead of a folding door. Another option is to install an insulated window unit (depending on your climate).

Automated and motorized folding doors can be more convenient than manual systems, but they do not have any insulation or soundproofing capabilities. While they may be more expensive than sliding glass doors, they provide better overall value. They are much more durable (can be left outside longer without damage) and allow multiple users access at once (through either a keypad or push-button operation).

When it comes to choosing between commercial folding

Commercial folding doors are not just a better choice than sliding glass doors. They also reduce noise and cool the space. With commercial folding doors, you can open them to an area that is no wider than the width of the door, making it easy to install and adjust (and use).

They have lower base costs than sliding glass doors and cheaper labor costs than automated systems. They are also more energy-efficient.

Commercial folding doors are often used for both commercial and residential purposes

  • commercial dwelling
  • commercial amenity space (a lobby with a wood-paneled closed-off area)
  • retail space (a storeroom or delivery room)
  • utility space (a garage or laundry room)

Commercial folding doors work well under these conditions

  • dark lighting conditions (like in a dark room)
  • dark colored walls (to avoid light bleeding into spaces)

The following is a list of benefits associated with using commercial folding door systems:

  • Reduced noise levels
  • Reduced vibration levels
  • Reduced heat buildup
  • Less air circulation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Availability at any time

The following is a list of disadvantages associated with using commercial folding door systems:

  • Installation may be expensive due to its size
  • Installation may be complex due to its size and weight

Four-fold doors

A four-Fold door is an architectural folding door system manufactured from metal or glass, consisting of many moveable panels and can be made to any length. It can also incorporate variable interior framing. Four-fold doors allow for better control over temperature and lighting, both natural and artificial. They are often used in industrial and commercial buildings.

Four-fold doors [also known as Bi-fold doors or simply folding doors] can be operated manually, electrical or even pneumatically. The four-fold door multi-self-supporting structure is an engineering construction in which doors are mounted on supports located on opposite sides, interconnected by tension and compression elements. Made of steel or aluminum profiles, the door leafs cooperate with one another when they are folded into one single plane.

Sliding – Folding doors

The Sliding – Folding door is a clever solution for building entrances with limited side space. Whether as an industrial door or industrial facility gate, delivery gate, or lock gate: Our sliding folding doors are always in the limelight and guarantee the same high level of security. Our sliding folding door [also known as a folding sliding door] is always in the spotlight and has achieved the same protection.

The practical solution to limited side space in large building openings, these sliding folding doors permanently ensure an airspace-optimized operation during necessary maintenance work. Their simple handling enables you to open and close them quickly using just one hand from the inside and the outside. The main advantage of our folding sliding doors is their sturdy construction

Telescopic sliding doors

Telescopic sliding doors are the chameleon among industrial doors. This uniquely flexible door enhances the value of your property. The size of the garage opening affects only the amount of wall to be erected; this is why a regular gate and 10-foot sliding door, archway access, or service opening all have a typical appearance and require only minimal space to open. In fact, they differ greatly in mechanics, construction, and security features in all other respects.

However, once a telescopic sliding door has been installed, it will adapt to every configuration as if it has been custom-made. The door elements are running on various tracks and require just a fraction of the overall door size in an open position. Modern door technology that pays off. With regular maintenance, doors will stay in operation for decades.

Commercial Equipment Upgrades

Door and Dock Solutions offers commercial equipment upgrades for your dock, door, and platform. We offer planned maintenance and inspections to help you extend the life of your current equipment. Our technicians will assess if the equipment is safe to operate and, if it is, what parts can be upgraded to extend their life.

Our technicians will assess and suggest upgrades that can be made to your equipment if available. Commercial equipment is one of the most important investments you make for your business. A failure could result in unnecessary costs and even loss of money or personal injury. If repairs are required, we provide options that are within your budget.

When is it time to upgrade your commercial equipment?

Maintaining and repairing a loading dock or overhead door can cost companies hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year. In some cases, loading docks and high-speed doors need to be replaced because they have been damaged, become outdated, or have missing or worn parts when it's time to upgrade.

If your buildings' loading decks have been in use for 20 years or more and have been patched, repaired, and retrofitted more than once, there are likely structural problems with the surface of the dock or door. Rust and discoloration can also indicate that a new dock or loading door must be installed. In addition, if you need to restrict access to a certain area due to possible safety concerns, there are some cases where loading docks and overhead or high-speed doors have to be replaced for staff and customer safety. It will also improve productivity and eliminate downtime.

Safety Concerns

All doors are designed for a specific cycle of use and will require ongoing inspections to ensure cycles do not exceed the design capacity. The importance of having doors in working order cannot be overstated. A door that is at risk of failure could endanger employees and visitors.

On the other hand, when a door's ability to function correctly is reaching the end of its useful life, this may warrant some planning to make sure that the replacement process runs smoothly and as expected. Parts can become obsolete, or deterioration is too extensive.

High-cycle doors have been opened and closed extensively due to high traffic or an office environment where there is a continuous flow of people. This type of usage causes the door's components to break down faster than they usually would. High-cycle doors will eventually succumb to use, environmental conditions, or even internal damage. This can create a safety concern and will need to be addressed immediately.

Efficiency Issues

Save money without sacrificing efficiency. Today's technology allows us to increase your opening speeds dramatically with a fraction of the costs of a high-speed door. The latest advancements in operator technology make high-speed operators more efficient and less costly than ever. The high-speed doors we have today are great but the operator has to be extremely close to the door to get the most out of it.

Energy Rebates

Energy efficiency programs are gaining popularity in our nation's power sectors. Utilities across the country, including Texas state, also offer businesses significant rebates for upgrading or replacing existing equipment with more energy-efficient equipment. In turn, companies reduce their carbon footprint and become more energy efficient. Many business owners are unaware of these current opportunities, so take full advantage of them when deciding on your following energy upgrades.

24/7 Emergency services

Door and Dock Solutions offers 24/7 emergency service, one of the many different services. This service provides all of our customers with easy access to our technicians if a breakdown cannot be answered during business hours. Our technicians are trained to handle all problems relating to commercial, Industrial, and Automatic doors and do so quickly. Door and Dock Solutions, an A.A. A. D. M certified automatic repair service, provides 24-hour emergency service to the Houston area. We pride ourselves on maintaining high-quality service and a thorough understanding of our customer's needs.


We highly recommend profiting from our vast on-site Installation experience and expertise during installation and the initial operation. Our routinely and experienced technicians guarantee compliance with all formal and legal requirements: professional and efficient. Within the limits of a documented final inspection, the door system will be handed over to you with the necessary user training.

Repair and Service

Our service team would be happy to help you with door installation, troubleshooting, parts, and service. You are in the right place if you would like any upgrade options for your door like our Electric Auto-lock, Insulation Package, or the Remote Open. For sales, repair, service, and installations, Phone: [832] 232 -9150.

Our team works with you to evaluate your facility, identify your equipment needs, and offer solutions to any problems. Our factory-trained and certified professional technicians know the ins and outs of your equipment and are ready to take on your most challenging tasks. We are committed to meeting your goals and exceeding your expectations. Door and Dock Solutions is prepared to help you work smarter, not harder; call us at (832) 232-9150 for your repair, service, installation, and upgrade needs.

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