Access Control

Access Control

From a simple System to control one door to a computer managed access control system for commercial premises controlling many doors. We can integrate these Access Control Systems with gate automation, Burglar Alarms and CCTV.


Cost Effective Technologies

Keypad code entry

One of the most common types of unit is the keypad system. This comprises a terminal with a series of numbered push buttons connected to the door lock release mechanism via a control unit inside the protected area.

Magnetic stripe swipe cards

This technology was widely used and has the card reader installed adjacent to the entrance door. The card is "swiped" through the reader to gain access. Cards are the same size and appearance as credit cards and work in much the same way.

Proximity cards

The advantages of this technology over magnetic stripe lies in the fact that the card does not come into physical contact with the reader it only needs to be held about 100mm from the reader.. It is more vandal resistant and reduces the wear and tear considerably.

Other Technologies

Smartcard Readers

Smartcards and readers have the advantage of being able to store additional information which can be used for other services, such as library membership, cashless vending or storing biometric templates.

They can be supplied in 'read only' or 'read/write' formats to suit needs. There are two variants of smartcard readers:

  • Proximity (contact less)
  • Insert (contact chip)
  • This type of reader allows entry only if the authorized user's unique human characteristics are recognized. This raises the security level significantly. Different types are available, which store the geometric patterns of the user's retina, hand, face or fingerprint in an electronic memory.

Hands Free Readers

Using active cards which transmit a signal, you can automatically unlock or open a door when the receiver detects the card. This makes it ideal in respect of the Disability Discrimination Act, as no action is required by the card bearer

Your Mobile Phone

Using an App which transmits a signal, you can automatically unlock or open a door when the receiver detects the phone.