Accordion Grilles

Accordion Grilles

Our accordion grilles are the perfect solution for all your commercial and retail requirements. Talk to a member of our team today, for more details or to schedule a consultation.


Here at Door and Dock Solutions, we have been proudly serving the customers of Houston, TX, for more than twenty years now, and with our wide variety of customizable security solutions, we have secured a highly-prized spot for ourselves as leaders in our field. Read on to discover more about our popular, affordable and long-lasting accordion grilles.

What are accordion grilles?

Accordion sliding grilles are most effective when used in situations where an opening or entranceway is curved or overhead clearances are restricted. Most commonly found in shopping malls and similar retail environments, they provide a simple and highly secure way to separate people and space with an adjustable screen. Because of the nature of the grille design, you can see still see through the screen, which is a useful feature in many applications.

What our accordion grilles are perfect for:

Our high-quality accordion grilles are ideal for use in a variety of commercial applications, and are particularly effective for storefronts, malls and other retail industries.

Features of our accordion grilles

Offering both rolling and side folding options, our accordion grilles can be used where a curving track is necessary, and where space and other dimensional aspects are limited or restricted. Due to their versatility, our accordion grilles can accommodate almost any type of opening, and are wholly customizable to ensure that they meet your specific requirements, no matter how challenging or obscure.

Side folding grilles – deigned to fold horizontally and store behind or next to the door jamb wall, our side folding grille closures are perfect for any space where security, alongside visibility, is paramount.

Rolling grilles – operating in a similar manner to our roll up doors, our rolling grilles are designed for functionality and ease of use, and operate with minimum effort required, yet still remaining extremely secure. The main features of our premium, most popular range of rolling grilles are listed below:

  • Concealed locking devices
  • Optional curves and custom curves available
  • Vertical aluminum linking rods in a range of grid patterns
  • Selection of curtain styles, including aluminum and Lexan panels
  • No need for a floor track
  • Pocket doors available
  • Emergency fire exits are available and conform to all firecode regulations
  • Simple to maintain and repair in comparison to other security gates

Using horizontal panels that can be solid, perforated or open, our rolling grilles roll up vertically like a garage door, with a barrel at the top, a track on either of the door for the panel to fit into and a counterweight for ease of use.

Why should you choose our accordion grilles?

Each of our accordion grilles is designed with durability and strength in mind, and with our grilles having proved that they can continue to perform effectively for many years provided minimal preventive actions are afforded, they continue to be a popular choice for many of our customers.

As with most of our high-quality, premium doors, we recommend that routine maintenance services are carried out at regular intervals (and of course, as and when required) to further increase their lifespan, and with our team of specialist door technicians on hand, this can be a stress-free, straightforward and efficient process.

Priding ourselves on supplying, installing and repairing doors at affordable, competitive prices, we have the best selection of high-performance doors in Houston, and so no matter what your budget, we'll have a cost-effective product to suit your needs.

Legal requirements for roll down gates/grilles

Any roll down gate that is in need of being replaced, must now be substituted with a roll down grille that allows for at least ¾ of an area to be visible. This ruling is in response to a need to provide first responders with better, more secure access to a building, while also helping to improve the aesthetics of a city's landscape. In fact, many city business owners are taking steps to modify their building codes and make solid roll down walls a thing of the past, in order to improve their overall appearance and help to preserve a buildings architectural character. With this in mind, if you need to upgrade, alter or replace any of the solid roll down gates, barriers or screens at your business, reach out to us today and find out how we can help. With such a wide selection of customizable accordion grilles, we're bound to have a solution that will perfectly match your needs.

Appropriate maintenance and general care instructions of our accordion grilles

To guarantee the longevity of our accordion grilles, anyone using them should receive formal training instructing them on how to use them appropriately. The path of the grille must be kept clear of debris at all times, and we recommend that you schedule regular maintenance (which we will be more than happy to provide) to help keep it functioning and performing at its best for many years to come.

Did you know that we also offer our premium repair and maintenance service to customers in Houston and beyond? If you have a door that has broken down, needs a part replacing, or even needs to be upgraded to meet security requirements, our experienced and professional team will come out and help you find remedies to every problem. With our own vehicles, our own high-tech equipment and more knowledge than any of our rivals, we guarantee to meet all your repair and replacement needs. If it's an emergency, we'll get out to you as soon as we can, otherwise, you can schedule a site visit at your convenience. To know more, simply give us a call.

Able to fulfill all your security grille and door needs, you needn't look anywhere else for solutions to all your requirements; no matter how big or small the job, straightforward or complex, the team at Door and Dock Solutions have got you covered.