Accordion/Partition Doors

Partition/Accordion Doors

With extensive experience in the commercial and industrial door industry, the team here at Door and Dock Solutions have been proudly serving the people of Houston and beyond for more than 20 years. With a wide array of doors to choose from, we're guaranteed to have a solution that will meet your precise requirements. Our accordion and partition doors have always been popular among our clients, and here are a few reasons why:


Accordion doors are great for space saving

If you have a room or area that you need to divide, but space is at a premium, then accordion doors are the perfect space saving solution. Suspended from an overhead track and providing instant space division wherever it's needed, the absence of floor tracks means that there is no intrusion on floor space, no opportunity for anyone to trip over them, and no space for debris to collect.

Accordion doors give a smooth, easy folding action

Constructed using an internal pantograph of 14-gauge steel that gives even extension and cover support, the pantograph will provide you with a long lasting and reliable, smooth folding action that enables the doors to easily maneuver through curves and switches.

Accordion doors are an attractive but hard wearing addition to a space

Our high quality accordion doors are made with wrinkle resistant covers that give a symmetrical appearance, as opposed to the curtain-like impression that doors from other manufacturers gives. With the cover being laminated, it's stronger and adds more stability to the overall accordion door. The unique way in which our accordion doors are constructed, leaves them puncture, tear, rip and cut resistant.

Our accordion doors are easy to set up and adjust

We offer our clients a variety of heavy duty aluminum track systems that can be customized to suit any ceiling condition. Equipped with inter-locking keys for a more precise alignment, the accordion doors are afforded a longer life. The door can also be easily adjusted for out-of-plumb conditions thanks to the adjustable lead carrier, which also allows for proper alignment of the door for consistently effective latching.

With customization options, our accordion doors can meet your specific needs

Where space is concerned, there is never a one-size-fits-all scenario, but thankfully our team of door technicians will work with you to deliver accordion door modifications and customized solutions to meet your specific space and efficiency requirements. With no challenge too large or too small, we are happy to help try and understand your needs and give you results that you'll be satisfied with for many years to come.

Here at Door and Dock Solutions, we offer a wide selection of accordion and partition doors to suit all budgets, and our focus on customer service puts us several steps ahead of competitors. From simple but effective closet accordion doors, to the most complicated of curved security doors for retail outlets, we can meet all your accordion and partition door needs.

Did you know that as well as our expert and professional installation and advice services, we also undertake repairs, and use the experience and knowledge we've acquired over the years, to install and repair each and every door to the highest possible standard. Using only the very best equipment and techniques, we guarantee to provide you with an accordion or partition door that not only meets your specific requirements, but also any relevant health and safety obligations, whatever industry or application the doors will be used within. When we repair damaged doors, we help restore them to their former glory, while helping clients to understand how they can care for their product to reduce future maintenance or repair needs. Unlike some companies, we will never give inaccurate or untruthful advice simply to ensure that you need to come back to us for further repair work in the future; we promise to give you a service that is honest and reliable.

Our service

Committed to each and every product that we sell, we offer technical support for every installation or repair that we carry out. Providing product demonstrations – whether at our application center or on site – is simply part of our service, and we guarantee to give professional and unbiased product guidance and recommendations in all our consultations. Our extensive service covers:

  • Product selection and consultation
  • Inspections and site visits
  • Yearly maintenance contracts
  • Swift and reliable maintenance and repairs if needed

Whatever your specific accordion or partition door requirements, we've got an affordable solution, and a quick browse through our website will give you examples of our outstanding selection of doors. Our extensive door and dock options, coupled with our customer satisfaction guarantee, means that if you're in the Houston area, you'll never need to look anywhere else for solutions to all your door needs.

Company policy and mission

Our company policy and mission that we are proud to continue to stand by, is to install and repair every door or dock to the highest standard possible, and make our clients feel comfortable and satisfied with every phase of our installation or repair service. We want you to feel confident in our products, our expertise and even our attitude, and go on to feel proud to recommend us to others who may need our services. Every client is valuable to us, no matter how small their requirements, or how big, and we are here for you whenever you need us.

With our extensive, customizable services available throughout Houston and beyond, it's easy to see why we are one of the leading door and dock providers in the region, and why so many customers come back to us, time and time again. If you would like any more information about our range of door and dock solutions, simply give us a call when convenient, and we'll be more than happy to help give expert recommendations, or schedule a consultation. If you need to talk to a certain technician about a problem or have a query that you think they'll be able to answer, then we'll do our best to connect you to them.