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What is an air door or curtain?

A device used to prevent air or unwanted contaminants from moving freely between more than one open space, our air doors and curtains can be placed over the entrance to a building in a downward facing position, or between two spaces that need to be kept at different temperatures. Fan powered, they create an invisible air barrier over entrances or between areas, without inhibiting access by people or vehicles.

Are air doors and curtains effective? Do they work?

Scientific studies and tests have conclusively proven over the years that yes, air doors and curtains are effective and when professionally installed (this is crucial), can save huge amounts of energy while enabling entranceways to remain protected from the climate, comfortable and free of draughts, bugs or unwelcome aromas.

How do air doors and curtains work?

Most typically, the air that enters by way of the inlet grille, which may also be fitted with filter functions, gets compressed by internal fans and pushed through the air outlet that is pointed at the open entrance. Helping to protect the components inside, such as the heat exchanger, fans and electronics, the filter collects dust and other unwanted particles.

The air curtain's fans may be direct or belt driven, such as centrifugal, axial and cross-flow.

Able to be adjusted, some air outlets and/or lamellas can help to increase the performance of the air door or curtain, depending upon the needs of each specific situation.

How are air doors and curtains classified?

Our air doors and curtains can be classified in the following 4 groups:

Commercial profitability

There are a number of sales commercial advantages to air doors and curtains, such as:

  • Sales increase due to the 'open door' effect. This is when it's commonly recognized that customers are more likely to enter a shop that has open doors
  • An open doorway can also act as a shop window
  • People with reduced mobility can enter more freely
  • Helps to control uncomfortable draughts and provides a more welcoming environment for customers

Health and hygiene

There are a number of ways in which air doors and curtains help to maintain a healthy and hygienic atmosphere and have certain advantages, such as:

  • Reducing employee absenteeism
  • Providing pest and insect control
  • Gives a barrier against airborne dust, pollution, fumes and unwelcome odors

Energy saving

  • By reducing energy losses from an airconditioned space
  • Reducing central plant capacity
  • Lowering building costs
  • Reducing harmful CO2 emissions

Increased safety

Air doors and curtains have several safety advantages, such as the following:
  • Increasing visibility and helping to avoid collisions
  • Reducing misting in cold rooms, drying out doorways and stopping ice from building up on floors
  • Provide easy evacuation through exits in case of emergencies
  • Acts as a barrier against fire smoke

To ensure that you select the right type of air door or curtain for your specific requirements, be sure to talk to one of our specialist technicians or consultants.

Why you should choose our air doors and curtains for climate protection

This is perhaps one of the primary purposes of air doors and curtains, and they can be excellent for preventing a climate-controlled area of a building from an influx of air from outside that passes through an open doorway.

Helping to reduce energy costs significantly, air doors and curtains keep heated or cooled air where it's needed, and can save up to 80% on energy losses from a doorway in comparison to an entrance not fitted with one.

The two most popular types of air curtains

Non recirculating air curtains – more widely used than the recirculating variety, these are easier to install and more economical, with lower maintenance costs, too.

Recirculating air curtains – when foot traffic is at a high volume, such as in a supermarket or the entrance to a store, these curtains are highly effective. Emitting air from a discharge grille on one side of the door opening, then collect it through a receiving grille on the opposite side, before returning it through duct work to the discharge grille. This method is more desirable when trying to separate certain environments.

Air curtain maintenance

While our air curtains require minimal maintenance, we do recommend that you schedule for them to be cleaned at least once every three months to help ensure that it's working at it's highest efficiency and to extend the life cycle of the product. To know more about how and when to clean your curtain, consult the manufacturers instructions, or seek advice from our friendly technicians.

Useful in so many applications, browse our website for more details about our full range of air door and curtains, or call our experienced, knowledgeable team to know more about which type of air door or curtain would best suit your specific needs.