Automatic Bi-Fold Doors

Automatic Bi folding doors

When space is limited, look to automatic Bi folding doors for maximum door opening. Whether you choose two or four-panel, you are assured of an automatic entrance package that provides convenience and accessibility in the smallest of environments. Many modern commercial locations enjoy the benefits supplied by automatic folding glass doors. Referred to as "bi-fold" doors within the industry, such entrances offer a number of advantages when compared to standard designs. Some businesses which will often choose to employ this type of system include restaurants, retail centers, schools, bars and mass transit properties.


Why Choose Bi-folding doors?

There are many advantages in regards to powered folding doors. The most obvious benefit concerns their space saving attributes. Folding and sliding doors are perfect alternatives for areas which may preclude the use of traditional swinging doors. As these doors are known for their barrier-free construction, they are also ideal solutions when quick and efficient entrances need to be installed.

Bi-folding doors require less overall space, they can be used within vestibules and other areas where it would be impossible (or costly) to install other systems. They are also highly secure, which is another reason why they are often installed in gas stations and other high traffic locations. These units work perfectly well within areas that may be accessed by disabled individuals from time to time.