Barrier Arm Gate and Operators

Barrier Arm Gate and Operators

Automatic barrier arms are used for high traffic applications where vehicle access control is needed while fast gate operation is mandatory. Barrier Operators are a cost - effective method to efficiently manage vehicle traffic in a variety of scenarios. Generally used for parking lot control, several types of arms are available. These units can be operated automatically by card reader, keypad, telephone entry system, or manually controlled within a guard station or kiosk. You can setup a barrier gate as a one - way lane, or for two - way traffic. Barrier arms are available in a wide variety of lengths from 6' to 30' long.


Single pole or wishbone arms are available, as well as folding arms for low headroom applications. Barrier arms come in aluminum, wood or plastic with optional foam padding to minimize liability. Barrier Arm operators are controlled with various types of access control including keypad, card reader, wireless and loop detection for exit. Often there are backup options using audio/video integration to control access of the gate and Access data printing function.

The added advantage to the DC operator is the automatic-open feature upon power loss. When the gate operator senses AC power is no longer present, the arm will cycle open, remaining open until AC power is restored (fail safe) OR continues normal operation while monitoring the battery level. Once the batteries are low the unit will cycle open until AC power is restored or the batteries receive a full charge (fail secure).

Battery Backup

Dual batteries charged by 115 VAC or optional solar panelsCharging circuit monitors and maintains battery levels, monitors AC availability, automatically switches to batteries when AC is removed, and automatically resumes AC operation.