Door and Dock Solutions Baytown

Door and Dock solutions offers wide range of services to meet your project needs. We specialize in helping clients save both time and money by utilizing state of the art equipment and the latest techniques our trained technicians can come to your commercial, or industrial property and effectively repair whatever problem you may have with your door systems. Whether this repair means replacing broken springs or fortifying cable hinges, we'll get the job done. Should you require brand new overhead or garage doors, we offer the best products around, including wind loaded doors that can withstand heavy gusts.

Our doors will protect your property and your belongings, no matter what mother nature throws at your building. We know you have a lot of options when looking for a reliable service company, and that is why we have the best warranties and guarantees in the business.

Best service in Baytown,We make sure the door closes well and opens all the way up and down.We are at your beck and call any time of the day. We do not take into consideration the weather or the lateness of the hour. When you call, we are there. We even bring our truck of goodies to ensure that everything is covered and we finish on time. No job is too big or too small for us. From door panels, springs, tracks, rollers, brackets, and cables, or different door style that upgrades the look of your business. We have the best team of expert professionals who know how to handle each and every type of garage door and its components.

This is because all of our technicians go through a rigorous training process, covering every known garage door repair technique. We do not let them onto the field until we know that they are completely trained, and can perform a job to perfection. Aside from this, they are continually updated with all the latest knowledge, information and training in order to do their work efficiently. Visual inspections can tell you a lot about garage door problems, but regular checks by professionals are what you need to solve it permanently.

We offer a variety of commercial garage door designs to meet your company's needs. Here are a few of our most popular products.

Ribbed steel Commercial Garage doors

Our heavy duty, ribbed steel commercial garage doors are built to withstand the wear-and-tear of your company's daily operations. Low maintenance and durable, these doors are a solid choice for any business.

Micro grooved sandwich Commercial Garage doors

This steel commercial door model brings strength and durability to your company. Whether you choose a sandwich design with polystyrene or with a polyurethane core, your company will benefit from added protection and security.

Aluminum Full View Commercial Garage doors

Our full view aluminum commercial garage doors bring visibility, light, and a modern design to your business, and you can choose the number of windows that best suits your business. These doors are a great choice for car dealerships, service stations, and fire stations. Even restaurants and commercial spaces can benefit from the industrial look of these doors.

Rolling Steel Commercial Garage doors

Our rolling steel commercial garage doors come in a variety of types, including coiling fire doors, fire shutters, counter shutters, service doors, and more. Tracking configurations are designed to meet your needs, including standard, high lift, follow the roofline, and full vertical. Our doors are durable, reliable, and hassle free!

Specialty Commercial doors

We also offer a full line of specialty products including but not limited to: Roll Up Doors, Mini Storage Doors, Rolling Security Gates, Roll up Security Gates, Store Front Grills, Custom Polycarbonate Full Vision Garage Door, High Speed Doors , Strip Doors , Traffic Doors & Break-away Doors Fire Doors and more.