Bi – Folding Doors

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What are bifolding doors?

These doors are fantastic for space saving, and because they fold twice instead of once, they are ideal for large entranceways in commercial buildings.

How do bifolding doors work?

Relying on sensors to detect anyone or anything approaching the entrance, they offer uninterrupted and easy access traffic flow, whether from pedestrians or personnel operated equipment. Utilizing a track system, they are able to open and close with a smooth action, and can be an attractive addition to an entranceway, too.

Our ADA low energy swing doors

Often referred to as a handicap door operator, these swing doors enable anyone who may be physically challenged or disabled, easy access to buildings and rooms and can be retrofitted to existing doors. With a push button activation system, they can be operated automatically or manually, and where space is limited and two-way traffic is not required, these doors can work fantastically well. They can also be used to encourage or enforce one-way traffic in those areas where controlling the flow is vital, providing a fully automated swing door solution.

Our automatic folding doors combine both swinging and sliding door systems, and while using the drive system from the swing doors, they are still able to allow for two-way traffic.

Do you need a bifolding door?

Allowing you to create a stunningly unique living space, or improve accessibility and traffic flow while saving space in a commercial setting, bifolding doors can be an extremely solution. Stylish, functional and practical for business owners and commercial properties, our bifold doors can also give added insulation to a room or building, and can greatly increase your energy efficiency rating while lowering your bills.

One other advantage of bifolding doors is that they require no building or structural modifications and are suitable for a wide range of retrofits. Customizable, our bifolding doors can be adapted to suit any specifications, particularly useful for awkward door openings or unique dimensions.

Below are some of the top features of a bifolding doors

  • They maximize natural light when glass panels are added
  • They're compact and help with space saving
  • Improved security can be achieved with featured locking systems
  • Wholly customizable
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Provide immediate and efficient access to outside spaces
  • Can be opened up to different sizes
  • Look stylish and aesthetically pleasing

What applications are bifolding doors effective for?

  • Apartment buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Pharmacies
  • Agricultural
  • Parking garages

Whether you require a door for a hospital, any medical facility, hotel, shopping center or business office building, we are guaranteed to have a bifolding door to meet your exacting requirements, and will ensure that when you consult with us, we help you to find an affordable but practical solution.

Our horizontal sliding bifold doors

If your business or commercial property needs a sturdier, more robust design coupled with a reliable and highly functional operation, then our horizontal sliding bifold doors would doubtless be suitable. Here at Door and Dock Solutions, we are proud to offer you a wide range of such doors, each of which can be adapted to suit wide openings, tall openings or applications in which multi panel doors would be a space saving option. Versatile and able to help you meet many difficult challenges, such as short or tall floor heights, our horizontal sliding doors will offer you the longevity and dependability that you've been looking for.

Our counter weight bifold door

These doors are a solution that afford low maintenance, a consideration especially important for many commercial premises and business owners, and continue to be successfully installed for a diverse range of applications and projects. Some of the applications these have been particularly effective in, are those requiring high levels of security, such as correctional facilities, courthouses and emergency service buildings. Once your hydraulic door has been installed by one of our expert technicians, we will we be happy to provide you with regular services and maintenance checks to ensure that it continues to function effectively for you, along with any repairs, should they be required. We'll check your door controllers, weather seals, motors and any other elements of the door that help keep it operating smoothly.

If you have a problem with your automatic, or counterweight bifolding door at any time, simply give us a call and we will talk you through the issue, or meet you on site to help fix any issues or make any repairs that might be required.

Other benefits of our hydraulic bifolding doors

Made with heavy gauge steel tubing and a unique truss design that provides superior wind loading performance, our bifolding hydraulic doors offer the most cost effective and reliable solution for all your speed and functionality concerns. With all the benefits of our regular bifolding doors, our hydraulic doors give you the added advantage of speed, fewer moving parts and a super smooth hydraulic operation.

When in used in tandem, our doors are able to help you cover a large space or make it private, and all without having to open up a wall cavity or carry out any major construction.

Offering more headroom, our wide doors, operated by high strength steel cables or straps to distribute the weight evenly, they apply less stress to your existing building than standard hydraulic doors.

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