Bi Folding High Speed Gates

Bi Folding High Speed Gate Houston, Tx

Bi Folding high speed gates houston, tymetal gate parts tymetal gate operators tymetal cantilever gate industrial security gates commercial security, Bi folding high speed gate is the perfect combination of speed and security", With an open or close cycle time of less than 7 seconds and traveling speed about 18" per Second or more, the bi-fold high speed gate ensures minimal site exposure; virtually eliminating tailgating.


It is either trackless or top track operation . We use direct drive motor High speed ball bearings and a synthetic oil bath keep the dual gear reduction operating flawlessly through extreme temperature ranges without need for belts, chains or pulleys which are subject to wear, raising maintenance issues.

We utilize hall Effect sensors to know the position of the gate at any given moment, thus synchronizing the gates to open and close at the same speed. We combine this technology with a dynamic magnetic brake system which stops the gate instantly when colliding with an obstacle.In the front plate, three LED indicators show the current battery status of full, half, or empty. These indicators also move sequentially to indicate that the batteries are currently charging. A battery test status button, when pressed, gives you the actual condition of the batteries. Are the batteries functioning or not? No guess work here.

You will know when the batteries must be replaced. When an outage does occur, an audible beep can be switched on to indicate battery backup is in use. The battery module with over 300 cycles in case of power failure. And solar ready solar processing circuitry provides a power boost assist,The solar voltage input on most of our operator requires 24 to 35VDC. Bi folding gates safety control systems: Vehicle detector loops, safety photocells, ultra sonic sensors and safety edges are available. Accessories: Signage, audible alarms and flashing beacons. Remote control viewing/ control card reader, even you can connect printer and print all activity logs with time and more.


  • Very secure with opening and closing
  • Ideal for tight spaces where there is little room to swing or slide a traditional automated gate. Virtually no area to either side of the opening is required.
  • Trackless design means unlimited overhead clearance
  • Easily integrates with most common access control, safety and security devices.
  • Motors and electronics are always located on the protected/secure side of the fence
  • Continuously rated duty cycle
  • Programmable logic controller with any type of operating controls to suit
  • Low maintenance with minimal moving parts
  • Simple but secure manual release for local power failure
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Galvanized and powder coat finish
  • UL325 class I-IV listed.

We are not in the business to do a one time job for you, as we want you for a lifelong customer. We keep our pricing very competitive in this market and offer flexible solutions to meet each budget and specific requirement. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of gate automation services and products together with new installation and repair services to commercial customers. Our services include new installation, parts and repair on a wide variety of gate operators, entry systems and access controls. Our technicians are trained and experienced with all major gate companies.