4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Doors

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Doors

The doors to a commercial property are a businesses first line of defense against a whole host of threats, from vandalism and burglary, to intrusion, and can play an important role in making customers and visitors feel welcome and safe. If any of the following 4 points are familiar to you, then it might be time to consider upgrading or replacing your commercial doors (a door expert can help you determine which would be the best solution for your circumstances)

Your doors don’t provide you with adequate security

Whatever type of facility you’re running, you’ll want to make it as safe and secure as possible, and one of the best ways of guaranteeing this, is by having strong doors that protect against fire, vandalism and intrusion. Often cited as one of the main reasons to upgrade commercial doors, inadequate security integration components can be a facilities downfall, and is an area always worth investing in. Whether you’re looking for an updated access control system with better support functions, or simply fire resistant, automatic doors to protect the entire building, security should be paramount when it comes to the doors leading in and out of a commercial property.

Your doors are no longer serving their correct purpose

Many commercial buildings have to abide by strict (and actively enforced) health and safety regulations when it comes to their access points, such as entrances and exits, and as rules change, commercial facilities must keep abreast of them and adapt their doors and security measures accordingly. Failure to adhere to security recommendations and legal requirements can result in heavy penalties depending on each states legislation, and may even prohibit certain people (such as those who are handicapped or unable to walk unaided) from being able to access the building, or injure themselves while doing so.

If your commercial doors are no longer meeting legal requirements, or are in any way not functioning as they should, then you should consult with a qualified door expert as soon as possible.

Your doors are worn and in need of an upgrade or replacement

Doors are subject to a lot of wear and tear, and as such, can’t realistically be expected to survive forever. If your commercial doors are looking worn and aren’t opening and closing effectively, it could be time to look at replacing them, or at the very least, getting them upgraded.

Your doors are old and archaic and need to be replaced

Many historical buildings are either still being used for the purpose they were originally intended, such as schools and churches, or have been converted into more modern facilities, such as art galleries and restaurants. Either way, maintaining a high level of security and ease of access while keeping the aesthetic appeal of a historical building, can be tricky when it comes to doors, and typically requires expert intervention. Fortunately, many modern door makers, suppliers and installers can provide historical buildings with doors that are secure, while still respecting the overall look of the building, no matter its age.

Whether your commercial doors are old and in need of replacement, or you simply want to make your property safer with a security upgrade, there’s nothing the team at Door and Dock Solutions can’t help you with. Simply give us a call or drop us a line, and we’ll schedule a site visit at a convenient time.