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How Touchless Door Technology Can Reduce the Spread Of COVID-19

In the increasingly trying times of a global health pandemic such as that which we’re currently experiencing, keeping ourselves and those around us safe from the risk of infection, is paramount. While medical facilities, care homes and many other such institutions already employ touchless door technology to minimize the spread of germs and viruses between staff, visitors, patients and residents, the onset of COVID-19 has encouraged many other employers and building owners to think carefully about how they too, can help protect individuals from harm.

What is touchless door technology?

Simply put, any door that can be opened without having to be touched, is employing touchless technology. A simpler and perhaps more obvious term would be automatic doors. However, some door manufacturers are offering extra technology to make their automatic doors even more efficient, such as with anti-bacterial switches, key fob/remote function, infinite hold-open, wave-to-open, Wi-Fi setup and SuperScans.

Offering an additional level of hygiene protection for those areas of a building or facility frequently experiencing high footfall, they also increase accessibility.

In times of a pandemic particularly, touchless door technology should ideally be installed by a single person, or at the very most, a two-person team.

What are the benefits of touchless door technology?

We all know (at least we do now, if we didn’t already!), that hands are a common source of infection spreading, and so it should be no surprise that those things we touch frequently – such as door handles - can quickly become bacteria hotspots. As such, installing touchless (automatic) doors can significantly reduce the risk of transmission, and provide easy, smooth access to a range of buildings.

Many automatic doors also have an anti-microbial finish applied to ensure that bacteria and viruses can’t survive on the activation pads, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes that can be made to suit any type of building.

Touchless door technology plays a key role in minimizing the spread of COVID-19

While employing touchless technology within a building can undoubtedly help to minimize the spread of COVID-19, it could also play a significant role in preventing another outbreak by promoting and ensuring good hygiene and reduced contact with contamination points.

To find out more about touchless door technology and automatic doors for your commercial or industrial facility, our tech savvy team of door installation and repair experts are waiting to take your call!