Bumper Post Houston

Bumper post Houston Texas, dock post bumpers, bollard sleeves

A bollard is a bollard, right? Not exactly. Your typical steel or concrete bollard is buried in the ground and cemented into place. When a vehicle bumps into it, it's going to cause damage. While it will block anything from getting past it, it could dent the vehicle and crack the floor. Not to mention you'll probably have to repaint it or replace it completely. Reduce the need for paint and future maintenance costs with bollard covers. High-visibility yellow H.D.P.E construction with U.V inhibitors resist fading, rusting or cracking. Eliminates annual maintenance while helping to protect vehicles and the post from impact damage.


Once in place, the high-tensile steel core, shock absorbing load ring and impact-dampening hardware takes the brunt of direct hits. The unique H.D.P.E outer shell rotates to deflect sideswipes. It's available in black and caution yellow and won't ever need to be repainted. There's no exposed hardware, either, so there's nothing to trip over. Bollard bumper post cover. With a wide array of different styles, sizes, thickness levels and colors, each bollard cover is made from recycled H.D.P.E plastic and cut to- fit over our schedule 40 and schedule 80 pipe bollards, as well as any other Pre – installed steel or concrete bollard post.


  • Fade Resistant
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Chemical / Water Resistant
  • Indoor/outdoor Applications
  • Cut to Custom Height
  • Made of Polyethylene Thermoplastic
  • Withstands Extreme Temperatures