Chain Link Security Doors

Need the added security of a chain link door? We have a range of high security chain link doors to suit your every need

Here at Door and Dock Solutions, we're grateful for your interest in our wide range of products and door and dock installation, repair and maintenance services, and would like to begin by stating that we value your custom. Having been leaders in the field for more than two decades, we have worked hard to build up a team of dedicated, highly professional, qualified and trained technicians, engineers and general experts in the door and dock industry, and can proudly offer you a multitude of products that are certain to match your requirements.


Because we've been in the industry for so long, we're not afraid to boast about our level of expertise, and quite frankly, we know you won't find a better company to kit you out with everything you need in Houston and beyond.

Our selection of doors ranges from high quality vertical lifting and chain link security doors, to premium counter shutters, telescoping doors and air curtains, to name but a few. If you don't find the door that you need when you browse our website, well we don't mean to be rude, but you might want to put your spectacles on!

Our security door models

  • Vertical lift door
  • High lift door
  • Behind rolling door
  • Side rolling door
  • Standalone door

Why our steel, chain link security doors are the best choice

You might not know it, but steel is the most recyclable product in the entire world, and so when you choose to purchase one of our steel doors, such as the chain link security door, you become involved in the renewable resources process and can help contribute towards reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment that we need to so dearly protect.

Open doors are a security risk whether your employees are inside the area or not, and if thieves can easily gain access to your inventory and valuable goods, your business could suffer huge losses. However, with our tough, 11-gauge chain link security doors, you'll get amazing airflow while helping to keep undesirables at bay.

It may also be that you need to meet the new FMSA, GFSI, USDA, AIB and FDA Homeland Security Guidelines, restrict unauthorized entry into the building, put a stop to employee theft or control major access points, like loading docks, then a chain link high security door could be the solution.

A.I.B. Food Security Regulations

These require that your facility have secure perimeters that can effectively restrict access to that building and any others within the facility. They also state that you must have metal or metal clad doors on all facility entrances, and a chain link fence or other suitable barrier should be in place for loaded transport vehicles and production plant buildings. For more detailed information about these important guidelines, our knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and are on hand to ensure that you're equipped with all the information you need to make the right choice when it comes to buying chain link security doors.

Our stainless-steel mesh chain link security doors are the most effective for non-chemical bug prevention, employee satisfaction and security optimization.

With a wide range of chain link security doors for commercial and industrial facilities, do get in touch if you'd like to know more about keeping your premises safe with one of our high quality doors, each of which will e installed by a professional technician, who will talk you though any necessary maintenance actions you might be required to carry out periodically.

Other benefits of chain link security doors

Our valued customers continue to recommend this product, and consistently tell us that they appreciate how the chain link security door covers the full opening of the door, and not just the lower half, which is extremely effective in preventing materials from being passed over the top, and doesn't allow for injuries such as those you might get from using a traditional, scissor gate. They also love the way the door stores up and out of the way on its own track, making it easy to keep clean and use.

If you're looking for a door that offers full security protection and airflow, then our chain link security doors could prove a fruitful choice. If you're not sure, however, our expert team will be happy to advise you, and where necessary, can make an on-site inspection to help you decide whether a chain link security door is the right option for your particular facility and circumstances. We will only ever give you professional, nonbiased advice that you can trust, and if we think you might be overpaying for your doors or are selecting more protection than you might realistically need, we'll be sure to tell you so.

At Door and Dock Solutions, we understand that security is an important issue for many types of commercial and industrial businesses, and with our range of security doors at affordable prices, you will never have to compromise on the safety of your premises, products and employees. With our outstanding safety record and high customer satisfaction ratings, we've got a door or grille solution to suit your every need, and if you're in the Houston area and searching for security solutions for your commercial or industrial business, why not come and talk to us?

Did you know that alongside our installation and repair services, we also offer security consultations, and can help you to ensure that your business is always secure and compliant with strict building, and state or federal, health and safety guidelines. To know more about this service, complete an online inquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible, or simply call us up and talk to us there and then.

Do browse our website to know more about our full range of products and services, or to talk to one of our friendly consultants about your door and dock security needs. Our helpdesk is open throughout normal business hours and our team are always on hand to advise and guide you; no security issue is too big or too small, and your concerns, are our concerns.