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Chain Link Security doors/ Industrial security door

chain link security doors houston, chain link fence, chain link fence panels, chain link fence gate, chain link gate, chain link fence installation, “Summer’s heat can often drive you to open your loading dock doors”, just to keep employees comfortable and working, When warehouse ventilation is needed The Chain-Link Security door allows airflow into the building while giving your facilities a strong intruder barrier that is locked down and secure at an affordable price. Chain – Link Security doors are custom made and retrofit with your existing door. They can be motor or manually operated. A slide lock is provided for additional security.

Our customers tell us they like that the Chain Link Security Door covers the full opening of the door, not just the bottom half preventing materials from being passed over the top, doesn’t pinch fingers as with traditional scissor gates and stores up and out of the way on its own track that is easy to use and clean. Open doors are a security risk that can lead to the loss of your inventory. If your facility wants to meet the new GFSI, USDA, AIB, and FDA Security guidelines, restrict unauthorized entry into the facility, curb employee theft and control major access points within their facility this is the right product to consider.

Motor Operated

Manual slide door
Spring assisted door
Dual Track Model

Spring assisted roll up door:

These are like large window shades with spring assist rolling mechanisms. Tug on the bottom of the door and it rolls up; pull it down and it stays shut. It can also stop at various points along the track. This style is used on dock doors. On a temperate day, the solid panel door can be kept in the up position through all working shifts. The less the dock door is used, the less maintenance needed on the tensions springs. Once a truck pulls away from the dock, the bug screen door can be lowered into position.

Manual slide door:

Ideal for foot traffic doorways, this style slides open. It’s usually guided by a solid leading edge and compresses into a compact bundle. To bring the best doorway protection to a working facility, a bug screen door should offer these basic insect control features:


  • Vertical lift door
  • High lift door
  • Behind rolling door
  • Side rolling door
  • Standalone door
  • Advantage of Chain link door

Peace of mind and security for your facility, Use with your existing overhead loading dock door or stand alone. If your facility management wants to meet the new G.F.S.I, U.S.D.A, A.I.B, and F.D.A Homeland Security guidelines, restrict unauthorized entry into the facility, curb employee theft and control major access points within their facility.

Keep out unwanted persons, birds etc

Industrial strength stainless steel

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