Cold Storage Door

Cold Storage Door

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What industries use cold storage?

Many industries require the use of cooling systems, and need food, medical specimens or equipment to be stored at a minimal temperature in a cold room or freezer. If not kept at the correct temperature, items can quickly spoil and even become hazardous, so finding the right cold storage is vital. The following industries commonly use cold storage:

Food processing

Contaminants such as Salmonella can spread into food that isn't be stored at the correct temperature, and when distributed, can cause serious harm to the public. Food processing and manufacturing requires due diligence and perfect temperatures.

Food retailers and restaurants

In a similar way to food processing, restaurants and food retail companies are usually equipped with cold room and/or cold room freezers. All food products need to be chilled or frozen at the right temperatures to ensure food safety and preservation, and most cooling systems can be customized to suit the specific size requirements, along with cold storage doors.

Warehouse storage

While not quite as common in warehouse storage, cold room storage is used in this industry, especially by businesses dealing with self-storage, who can offer their clients rentable cold storage facilities.

Research laboratories

Because these places deal with valuable scientific equipment and other items, they need a cold storage facility that can guarantee they'll be kept at a constant temperature to preserve them and ensure that they continue to function properly.

I.T. Data centers

This particular industry is growing all the time, and because data centers use so much electrical based equipment, there is often a very real risk of a fire hazard due to overheating, especially as the servers and super computers that they use need to be active all the time. With cold room storage however, valuable equipment and data can be preserved when kept cool, reducing the risk of overheating.

Medical storage

There are two different ways in which hospitals, clinics and pharmacies use cold storage: firstly, to keep people safe from the risk of contamination with a sterile, climate-controlled environment, and secondly, to store medical specimens and equipment at the right temperatures to preserve them.


Cold room storage is required by the electronics industry in much the same way as I.T. data centers: to keep equipment cool and prevent it from overheating.

Our cold storage doors

Horizontal sliding cold storage doors are particularly useful in applications where they will receive a lot of daily use, and our highly durable doors feature a heavy duty FRP framework, heavy duty track system with anti-up thrust roller assembly and molded polymer casings for a continued smooth and reliable performance. Our premium cold storage doors, these can be either manually or motor operated, and are available in single and bi-parting doors for both cool room and freezer applications.

Our swing cold storage doors come in both single and double panel, and are used in a variety of applications where the environment needs to be kept cool and maintained at a certain, controlled temperature. With seals that perform consistently well, our swing cold storage doors are perfect for both interior and exterior use and can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

Vertical lift cold storage doors can be manually or electrically operated and would be best suited in applications where side rooms are available or where multiple door openings are in close proximity to one another, such as is the case in some warehouse loading docks. Incorporating an FRP perimeter framework and sturdy, long lasting door panel, our vertical lift cold storage doors can be purchased in 4" and 6" thick panels.

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