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The look of wooden doors is ageless, and with the construction standards and security attributes of today, wooden doorways that are real are an excellent choice for commercial and retail program, based upon the surroundings and intended look of your building. You find wooden doors exhibited in churches, colleges, small retail shops, inside offices, hospitals, and more. Industrial doorway may be a fantastic selection for you in case you have a budget. Typically, robust than alloy doors, wooden doors add a touch of elegance to almost any industrial andcommercial spaces.

Why use wood doors?

Wood doors offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance for any business or residential building, such as a home or apartment building, that they are installed at. They increase curb appeal, are capable of meeting building and fire safety requirements, and are available in many sizes, styles, and colors.

Exterior Wooden Doors

Hardwood doorways that are commercial can improve the exterior of your space. You can have commercial timber doors finished in many different colors and stains. Multiple styles of doors are available, so you're certain to find. Like you often see in churches or other buildings especially when the doors are somewhat oversize exterior wooden doors are heavy and require the help of a door nearer to keep their smooth movement. Wood is a superb selection for any retail or commercial building. Strong, strong, and beautiful, exterior wooden doors are a classic choice for any space.

Interior Wood Doors

Wooden doors are less sturdy than exterior doors, but their beauty is just as evident. They are inclined to be hollow, or have material in them than outside doors because inside doors do not have to keep the elements at bay. The appearance softens and feel of any office or retail space, and they're an economical option for interior doors. Many designs and sizes are available, and you can choose to have windows installed in your interior doors as well, for visibility and light.

Commercial Wood Door and Frames

We specialize in installing and fitting commercial wood door frames for industrial and commercial sites. You is only as strong as the frame it hangs, so it's crucial that you have your timber doors installed by the professionals in Industrial Door Company. That the work can be guaranteed by us, and we're going to make sure it's done correctly the first time.

Fire Rated Wooden Doors

We're very happy to state that Door and Dock solutions offers a variety of fire graded doors that are wooden, although you may not think that wooden doors might be fire rated. These doorways help keep smoke, heat, fires, fumes, and gases from entering a distance. Do not hesitate to reach out to a few of our knowledgeable and valuable staff members if you want more details about wooden doors. We'd love to hear from you.

Our technicians use the most cost-effective and highest quality parts required for each unique door repair situation. We find that in some cases there is no need to replace the door, our techs will assess the door and provide you with repair options to quickly return it to its fully functional state.

our goal is to help you as quickly as possible while helping you save money on residential and commercial door repair. Many doors can be fixed with a repair that can add years of life to it for the fraction of the cost of replacing the door. We offer several types of services including emergency repairs, repair and service contracts, and quarterly maintenance packages for business owners and landlords.

We will either repair the door if possible or replace it with a new one if it can't be repaired, and we get it done quickly. Our warehouse is always stocked so we are ready for any emergency situation that may arise for our commercial clients. So, if your business is in need of an emergency door repair in Houston, Tx.

Contact our office at any time to discuss your door or some other door that is commercial and industrial needs.

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