Corrosion Resistant Doors and Frames

Corrosion Resistant Doors

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As with every door in our extensive selection, our corrosion resistant doors are made of the highest quality materials and designed to withstand the daily pressures of a corrosive environment. Offering superior designs and engineering processes that guarantee an enhanced performance, our corrosion resistant doors are extremely functional, durable and long lasting. Able to stand up to the most extreme of corrosive environments, these doors are the ideal choice for use in many different applications.

What types of industries and settings might corrosion resistant doors be used in?

There are a diverse range of settings in which our corrosion resistant doors may be suitable, and especially where a sterile environment is needed, such as in:

  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants and food processing units
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing
  • Research facilities

Requiring doors that can be washed down frequently, and easily with harsh chemicals, facilities that use corrosion resistant doors need them to be able to stand up to this kind of treatment, and continue to perform their function no matter what.

Any building situated in a coastal environment will require doors that are resistant to salt-water corrosion, which can be incredibly destructive over time, and any facility that comes into contact with water, will need doors that won't rust. The exposure to water may be as a result of frequent flooding caused by extreme weather conditions, or where water is used regularly, such as at a car wash facility.

Our fiberglass corrosion resistant doors

Proven to be one of the most effective materials for use in corrosion resistant doors, fiberglass doors can withstand a variety of corrosive conditions that would quickly destroy a standard door, and in a much more effective way than steel or wood. Created in molds, fiberglass door skins are made by applying a gelcoat in a pre-selected color over the mold, followed by a coat of resin, and finally, by a layer of fiberglass matting. Next, more resin is applied to saturate the matting, and the entire process ends with a three-layer assembly of gel-coated skins. What you get once this process is complete, is a door with a solid panel and highly smooth finish, and our corrosion resistant doors are made so that there are zero cavities or voids in which bacteria and other potentially harmful contaminants can hide.

The way in which these corrosion resistant doors are made ensures that a strong front can be presented against corrosive agents, such as extreme weather or chemical exposures. Highly resistant to dents, too, fiberglass corrosion resistant doors are great at preventing general wear and tear, and have a long lasting, high quality performance.

While manufactured so that minimal maintenance will be required throughout their lifespan, they can be painted, which give the opportunity for them to blend in or brighten up an entranceway or storefront.

Our corrosion resistant doors also come with fire ratings of up to 1.5 hours, and can be fitted and used effectively within fire-rated walls. Fiberglass corrosion resistant doors are also non- conductive, meaning that they eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion or the electrochemical process in which one metal corrodes with another.

If your operations are regulated by the FDA, USDA and any other government agencies, then our fiberglass corrosion resistant doors are the perfect choice.

Our steel corrosion resistant doors

If your business is located in an environment that is frequently exposed to water or high moisture, such as a marina, car wash, boat yard, pool house or agricultural storage facility, then our steel corrosion resistant doors may be the right choice for you. With powder coated tracks and hardware, you're afforded a higher level of protection than with standard galvanized steel, although stainless steel may be even more effective in these applications. Stainless steel tracks, hardware and nylon rollers with sealed bearings, plus stainless steel cables, might make these corrosion resistant doors ideal for your business.

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