Counter Shutters

Counter Shutters

Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team of door specialists at Door and Dock Solutions in Houston, Texas, are leading producers and installers of a range of customizable Counter shutter door solutions, suitable for a wide variety of applications. If you're looking for a reliable and secure counter shutter that will work well in the following types of places: stadium, hospital hotel or museum (among many others), you need look no further than Door and Dock Solutions. Committed to providing high-quality, domestically manufactured security door solutions, we have been operating in the Houston area for more than twenty years, and have established ourselves as leaders in our field. Placing the needs of our clients first, has enabled us to continue being the company of choice for hundreds of businesses seeking to protect their livelihoods and the brands they've worked so hard to establish.


Here to help ensure that your commercial or industrial needs can be met efficiently and successfully, every single product in our catalogue is guaranteed to meet all necessary health and safety requirements, and are only ever installed by technicians and engineers who are fully qualified and wholly professional. Available in a wide variety of materials, coming in a whole host of sizes, and perhaps most importantly, 100% customizable, if you're looking for affordable and efficient counter shutters, you've come to the right place.

Since we also offer an extensive repair and maintenance service, along with our regular installation service, we like to think of ourselves as being your one stop door and dock shop!

With hundreds of satisfied customers in and around Houston, we will never disappoint you, and once you've experienced our friendly and professional customer service, you'll never go anywhere else for your door and dock requirements. Proud to serve you, our helpful advisory team are waiting to take your call.

Our range of counter shutters and counter doors

Designed for use both inside and outside, our counter shutters are solidly constructed and offer maximum security protection. Available in steel, aluminum, stainless steel and a variety of woods, our integral counter shutters come complete with a frame and sill, and where necessary, can be UL fire labeled.

Rolling counter fire shutters

If a fire should happen to break out, then our high-quality, fire rated counter shutters are designed to help prevent it from spreading to other areas. When using the counter shutter to compartmentalize a space, smoke and flames can be contained at their point of origin. These types of counter shutters are ideal for above counter applications, while also being effective when used for openings that reach the floor.

UL labeled for up to 3 hours, our fire rated counter shutters can be used effectively in canteens or lunch rooms and concession stands, and can be customized according to your specific requirements, with the use of compact guides, slats, brackets and hoods to give the shutter a smooth profile.

Integral frame and sill

Our range of fire rated counter shutters also come with an integral frame and sill, and is designed to reduce coil, bracket and header size to fit tight clearances, while also giving a sleek and modern effect. Easy to install, our integral frame and sill units can be simply slipped into an existing wall.

Smoke shield

At Door and Dock Solutions, we offer SmokeShield, an enhanced smoke and draft control counter shutter system that conforms to UL 1784 and helps to ensure that smoke is kept compartmentalized along with the blaze.


Our fire rated counter shutters are for fire doors up to 16'-0" wide, 10'-0" high with a 120 sq ft maximum. If the counter shutter is over 12" wide, then the limit is 7'6" high.

If you require a counter shutter for an opening that falls outside of the standard construction measurements, then please give our advisory team of technicians a quick call, and we'll talk to you about a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

Roll up counter doors

Widely used in cafeterias, concession stands and ticket booths, our rolling counter doors provide unparalleled accessibility and a high level of security protection in interior and exterior finished wall openings. Manufactured with smaller, more attractive door components – such as the guides, slats, brackets and hoods – they are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional rolling doors, and can be customized to fit a wide variety of openings and require minimal headroom.

  • These can also be configured to stand up to the full force of specific wind load requirements, and missile impact ratings.
  • To learn more about our comprehensive range of counter shutters, including additional material and finishing options, browse our website or get in touch with us directly.
  • At Door and Dock Solutions, we have an extensive range of high-qualitycounter shutters that promise a flawless safety record and complete dependability no matter what their industrial or commercial purpose, and all at extremely competitive prices. Having been serving the good people of Houston and beyond for more than two decades, we feel we are well placed to satisfy all your door and dock requirements, and can offer you a customer service guarantee that you'll find hard to beat. Browse the website for more examples of our fantastic variety of door and dock solutions, complete our online inquiry form, or call up our friendly and professional team for expert recommendations and advice.