Dock Bumpers

Protect loading dock and the Building with dock bumpers

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Dock Bumper

Dock bumpers are vital for protecting the loading dock from the backing impact pressure of a automobile and absorb over 80% of the effect force. The impact pressure of a backing automobile may be as tons as a hundred,000 lb. of impact force and an improperly selected dock bumper may want to permit damage to the constructing, backing automobile and even injure personnel. Ensuring adequate safety will restriction the capability destructive consequences of truck over/under experience. as soon as you understand the bottom and maximum effect points (off grade) of trailers, apprehend the minimal bumper protection top required. If the impact vicinity of trailers is above dock stage, Above Dock riser brackets may be required.

Elements that have an effect on dock bumper selection:

  • Dock height
  • Dock Approach
  • Truck bed heights to be served
  • Truck / Trailer extent in keeping with shift [ Light 1- 3 ] [ Moderate 4- 8 ] [Heavy over 8 Trucks ]

Backing trailers should not be making touch with your building

When ensuring you get the most out of your loading dock, our loading dock experts take into consideration mounting face conditions, use of yard jockeys, types of trailers serviced, quantity and frequency of trailers in order to determine what product of bumper would be best fit. However, sometimes the application of a bumper demands more due to the angle of approach. With a depressed drive way you may need a special application to preserve your investments. Allow our loading dock experts to survey your needs today for long lasting saving tomorrow.

Protect Your Investment

Our complete line of dock bumpers will help protect your building and loading dock equipment investment and our loading dock experts know which conditions require which bumper design and application for your operation. For maximum dock protection. There are mainly three types dock bumper 1 Molded dock bumper 2 Laminated dock bumper 3 Steel face dock bumper, but we sometimes deal with special situations or application let me explain each.

Laminated dock bumper

Loading dock bumpers are made with tough plies of fabric impregnated rubber pads that are compressed and secured by 3/4″ steel rods and then mounted to thick angle iron brackets. Rubber dock bumpers have per-drilled anchor bolt holes to allow quick installation. Laminated dock bumper are maintenance free, weather resistant, and prevent damage to trucks, loading docks, and buildings by providing protection against impact of the trailer backing into the dock.

Extra length dock bumper

Extra length dock bumper offer protection for the entire door size. These bumpers are available up to 123 inches wide, and come in a variety of heights and projections.

Extra thick laminated bumper

Extra thick laminated bumper are the perfect product when greater stand out distance from the dock area is needed. Tough plies of rubber are layered to give superior impact resistance.

Molded dock bumper

Molded dock bumpers are great for low traffic dock applications and can be ordered in many different sizes. To visit our page of products please click the picture.

Steel faced dock bumper

Steel faced dock bumper are ideal for use in docking areas where excessive friction from up-and-down trailer movement occurs. The steel face gives the bumper at two times the life expectancy. These dock bumpers come in a variety of sizes. Please click the picture to view our steel faced dock bumper page.

Extruded dock bumper

Extruded dock bumper are appropriate for outdoor or indoor protection. Use them for commercial loading docks, parking garages, and marinas. Extruded dock bumpers are also used on tow trucks, trailers and heavy duty construction equipment. Choose from a variety of styles.

Soft dock bumper

Soft dock bumper have an unparalleled ability to deflect and absorb shock with a loop design laminated bumper beneath a floating steel-face.

Specialty Molded Loading Dock Bumpers

Specialty Molded Loading Dock Bumpers are made from fiber reinforced prime rubber containing nylon and polyester to provide long lasting durability. Bumper types are L- Shaped molded bumper, Molded bumper, Plastic face molded bumper, Rectangular molded bumper, Steel faced molded bumper, and T – shaped molded bumper.


Always consult O.E.M specifications of other loading dock equipment installed at dock position (dock levelers, truck restraints, dock shelters, etc.) for specific dock bumper protection requirements. In cases when a trailer is docked uphill into the building, standard 4" projection bumpers, if properly selected and installed, will offer adequate protection. In cases when a trailer is docked downhill into the building, in most cases bumper protection must be extended to suit.The general rule is to add a minimum of 1" of bumper protection [beyond standard 4" or 6" ] for every 1% of decline. Eg. 3% decline = 4" bumper + 3" additional = 7" min. bumper protection. Declined approaches result in heavier trailer impact and heavier duty bumpers should be considered. The yard jockey raises the nose of the trailer, thereby tilting the top – backside in towards the building. Add an extra 4" of protection to the bumpers to keep the trailer at a safe distance.

1 Yard jockey use causes more face damage to bumpers and heavier duty bumpers should be considered.

2 Extending bumper projection may negatively affect lip purchase of existing dock leveler and dock seal/shelter.

Increasing bumper projection can be accomplished in several ways

  • Creating a cantilever dock by adding concrete to the face of the dock
  • Removing existing dock bumpers and installing an extension bracket
  • Installing an extra projection bumper of the appropriate projection

We can help you in properly select and specify your dock bumper application by visiting and make a survey on the dock.