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Loading dock light

Loading dock lights provide light to trailers during the loading and unloading loading dock operations and improve workplace safety. O.S.H.A compliance is not optional. Loading dock lights are available in various styles to meet your specific needs and budget. Door and Dock Solutions loading dock lights are durable and designed for safe, O.S.H.A compliant environments. Quality dock lights with low-profile designs and flexible arms.


Additionally, dock lights are installed to help guide drivers as they back up long trailers. These lights provide an added layer of safety and security at night. Additionally, motion-activated outdoor lights only come on when a person or vehicle enters the sensor field. This allows for easy 24-hour operation without worrying that people are working outside in the dark.

Loading docks are busy environments with a high potential hazardous location for a workplace injury. They are intended to create a safe work environment with high visibility and an adjustable arm. Loading docks are busy environments with a high potential for a workplace injury. Our high-quality dock lighting systems feature UL, N.E.C and R.O.H.S certifications as industry leaders.

They increase safety and productivity by illuminating the inside of trailers and locations where overhead lights fail to provide sufficient coverage for your specific tasks. Illuminate the interior of a trailer with the LED, Halogen, or Incandescent lights of your choice. Built with a waterproof poly carbonate, heat resistant bi metallic alloy housing, and shatterproof poly carbonate, these industrial dock lights have been engineered to resist corrosion and impact damage unlike other dock lights.

Typical dock light heads include standard incandescent light heads with flexible dock light arm for easy positioning, high-pressure sodium, metal halide, LED, and polycarbonate head, with your choice of many arm lengths. The flexible arms also help reduce damage as the light is not stationary and can absorb the impact when hit.

We also sell long-lasting LED lights that use less energy, helping to reduce utility bill costs. These industrial lights are attached to a durable, adjustable arm and are available in multiple variations. We provide high-quality loading dock lights made of metal construction with various bulb types. If you work in a warehouse or on a loading dock, you know how frustrating it is to work in the dark and how frequently accidents happen when everyone is working in low-visibility situations. Illuminate the inside of a trailer with LED, Halogen, or Incandescent lights.

Dock Light Arm

We offer a wide range of dock light arms in different types, such as single strut arms, single swing arms, double strut swing arms, double strut arms, double strut flex arms to meet the requirements of most customers. The arm on an industrial dock light can be used for many different applications. Our heavy-duty stainless steel dock light arms are built for commercial use. Each application has varying attributes that need to be met so that the user will have a great experience with their dock lights. The versatile arm can pivot 90° (or 270°) to snag relatively still items that might otherwise be difficult to engage.

A durable industrial dock light arm built to last and is available in many different sizes and styles to suit a wide range of industrial dock lighting applications. Our durable materials resist impacts, resistant to chemicals, and are easy to clean. We have different styles of lights available to light up a hard-to-reach place. The flexible arm on these lights moves when they are hit and returns to the original position, making them a must-have for warehouse operators who use forklifts on their loading docks.

Dock light arm with incandescent metalhead

The traditional incandescent light head is a standard in the dock light industry and has proven to be an affordable, rugged, long-lasting investment for your loading dock or work area. Heavy-duty sealed-beam technology (rated for 1000 hours of continuous operation) inside the housing offers unmatched reliability.

The heat-resistant glass lens directs light where it's needed most. The bulb holder swivels up to 10 degrees downward or 15 degrees upward, plus left and right 15° of adjustment for added flexibility. This dock light arm features a lightweight and durable aluminum construction, making it extremely easy to maneuver or reposition while providing enough strength to withstand all weather conditions. The light head includes one 19-watt incandescent lamp and is mounted on a pulley system for convenient height adjustments.

Dock light arm with LED dock light

For over two decades, the dedicated team at Door and Dock Solutions has been repairing and installing loading dock lighting systems for customers all over the Houston area. Regardless of your company's size or industry, we have a lighting solution to meet your unique needs. The light is beneficial whether you are a retailer or distributor, warehouse or manufacturing facility.

A Heavy-duty LED dock light is suitable for almost any situation. Rated for use in wet, cold, and hot environments. The light head will last over ten years in typical applications and environments. The cast aluminum housing provides superior protection from water, dirt, moisture / wet locations, and other environmental hazards, making it suitable for almost any situation.

Its variable brightness output is perfect for both interior lights and outdoor lighting applications. The light head is completely adjustable in any direction and provides a warm white light that shines down on your dock for maximum visibility. Your purchase is backed by our two-year replacement warranty and unmatched service. It features a low-maintenance LED head, which uses up to 97% less energy than a traditional 300-watt incandescent one.

The LED dock light is perfect for anyone who has ever had to "hove over" to read a serial number before discovering that they were in the process of injuring themselves on the protruding point of a set of keys or some other dangerous-looking contraption. The LED dock light will make it bright perfect light easy to see identification numbers and features in the dark. It is fully adjustable to illuminate the exact spot you need and has an integrated switch with on/off/auto function, which will save energy when used in "auto mode" for energy efficiency. The LED Dock Light Arm with Motion Sensor is a great way to illuminate loading areas and dark docks. While many dock lights function as light sources, this product improves safety by utilizing the power of motion-sensing technology. When no motion is detected, the light will shut off within one minute and use less energy than similar products that must stay on continuously.

Dock lighting repair

Are your dock lights not working? We'll get them repaired! At-Door and Dock Solutions, you can count on us to provide fast, reliable service. With a quick response time and round-the-clock availability, we provide the expert help you need to get your dock operating again. We can repair all makes of lighting equipment quickly, efficiently and with little interruption to your dock operation.

Because providing adequate light is so important to the productivity and safety of your employees and visitors it is necessary to have a consistent source of illumination. We will have a fully stocked truck on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can be sure that someone will be there to restore proper function quickly. In order to offer reliable service, we maintain a supply of replacement parts for whatever situation may occur.

Loading dock Light Installation

Does your loading dock need an upgrade? At Door and Dock Solutions, we proudly carry a vast selection of the best dock light brands in the industry. Our lighting installation experts are here to provide high-quality service and support, from the initial site evaluation to ongoing maintenance and repair services.

We start by getting to know your unique business needs so that we can provide you with the perfect lighting system for you. We understand that in instances where proper lighting is lacking on the docks, productivity is lacking overall. This can lead to costly workplace accidents, including workplace injuries and even potential disruptions in business flow. We want your business to run as efficiently and profitably as possible for years to come, so we provide high-quality equipment with thorough installation services.

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You can rely on Door and Dock Solutions for your loading dock light and lighting repair needs. We bring more than two decades of expertise to every job, so you can feel confident that your business is getting the best quality service possible. If a malfunction occurs, we provide repair services as quickly as possible to get your operation back up and running quickly. When you need someone to handle full installations or other repairs, our commercial lighting specialists are there to provide reliable solutions. Call us now, Phone: [832] 232 - 9150.