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Loading dock Lights :

Loading dock lights are designed to provide sufficient light into trailers when loading or unloading cargo on loading docks. Loading docks are busy environments with a high potential for workplace injury. They are intended to create a safe work environment with high visibility and an adjustable arm. Loading docks are busy environments with a high potential for workplace injury.Our high quality dock light products are industry leaders featuring UL, and ROHS certifications. They increase safety and productivity by illuminating the inside of trailers and locations where overhead lights fail to provide sufficient coverage. Common light heads include standard incandescent light heads, high-pressure sodium, metal halide, LED and polycarbonate light heads, with your choice of many arm lengths. The flexible arms also help reduce damage as the light is not stationary and can absorb the impact when hit. We also sells long lasting LED lights that use less energy, helping to reduce utility bill costs.

L.E.D Dock light

LED loading dock lights are made of high quality materials for long lasting durability and dependability. Units provide long lasting, energy efficient lighting for warehouses, cargo bays, fleets, and more. LED lighting reduces power consumption, increases longevity, and improves cost effectiveness. Unit design allows full illumination with minimal heat for increased safety and low maintenance. Acrylic or tempered glass ensures impact resistance for harsh environments. Wattages are 12, 16, 18, 20, and 38. Lumens are 960, 1000, 1400, 1700, and 3500. Reach inches are 24, 40, 42, 60, and Head Only. Color is Yellow.

  • Mount to the wall adjacent to the dock door
  • Swing into the opening to illuminate a trailer during loading and unloading
  • Wide range of flexible Halogen and LED lights to fit any application and budget
  • Can be interlocked with other equipment
  • Incandescent dock light/ Modular dock light
Built for longevity, stability and smooth operation,durable polymer design in safety yellow for maximum visibility .
  •  Modular arms available in 24, 42 and 60 inch lengths.
  • 10W dock light designed to replace up to 150W incandescent light heads
  • Flexible arm and hinged bracket allow for fixture to swing away upon impact
  • LED Dock light
  • Heavy duty LED Lamp Head can operate as a stand-alone task light.
  • Uses up to 94% less energy than an incandescent bulb.
  • 60,000+ hour life expectancy in most typical applications.
  • Ideal for food service industries or refrigerated warehouses.

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