Dock Seals and Dock Shelter Service

Dock Seals and Dock Shelter Service

Dock seals and Dock seals and dock shelter service have nylon-reinforced vinyl facing, mounted, and bonded on pressuretreated wood. They help prevent the passage of dust, insects,exhaust fumes, and other airborne particulates. Dock seals provide a tight, gasket-type seal on all sides of the trailer. As it comes to rest against the dock bumpers, the trailer compresses into the foam side pads of the dock seal, which encloses the space between the dock position and trailer. By sealing the gaps around the trailer, your dock seal will keep the cooled or heated air inside your facility, saving you money on energy, and minimize contaminants coming in to help you protect products.


All Loading docks are not built the same way. For this reason, all dock Seals offered through Door and Dock Solutions are custom built to suit your facilities application,with our short lead times and expert installation.A retractable dock shelter can create a seal between the loading dock and truck trailer. It features an independent, spring-loaded scissors mechanism to allow the shelter to retract with the trailer keeping the shelter square.


  • High grade vinyl material in 22, 35, or 40 oz gauges.
  • Yellow guide stripes offset 3" from inside edge of verticals for higher visibility and accurate docking.
  • Rot resistant pressure treated wood backing, painted and chemically bonded to high density foam cushion
  • Curtain model headers are coupled with wedged top verticals to inhibit water accumulation
  • All dock seals are designed to accommodate your slope
  • Wear shields come in a variety of overlaps and materials
  • Fireresistant dock seals available
  • Significantly lowers the risk of thefts around your facility
  • Available for 8' wide, 9' wide, and 10' wide doors


What dock seal do I need?

Loading docks are not all the same bumper projection, dock height, approach, door opening size, wall construction, access required to the rear of the trailer, trailer sizes being service as well as several other questions are key factors when designing a dock. For this reason, there is no simple answer to this question. On our site there are several tools to help. You can call us during business hours and we will help you with a dock seal fit to match your needs.

Why is the dock seal top head pad getting damaged?

If your top pad is receiving more damage than other parts of your seal there are several reasons it could be happening. The most common reason for this is a sloped approach. When the dock slopes down and the dock bumpers are not thick enough the truck will hit the wall or over compress the top of the seal causing it to wear out early. The way to avoid this situation is a wedged seal with adequate dock bumper projection.

Dock Seal Vs. Truck Shelter?

A dock seal is traditionally designed to enclose a loading dock reducing its width to an optimal 7'6", while a truck shelter is designed to allow full access to the trailer without restricting the available space around the door. Truck shelters typically afford service to a wider range of trucks than a dock seal as well, due to the nature of the seal. When a vehicle docks with a shelter the curtains with spring steel stays slide along the side of the vehicle rather than compress like a dock seal.

For dock seal sales, service and install Phone: [832]-232–9150, 24/7 Emergency service available.