Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters/ Truck Shelters Houston, Tx

Dock Shelters, also known as Truck shelters, come in a wide variety of sizes and models making them the most versatile truck to dock sealing product on the market. Unlike Dock Seals designed to close an opening down to 7'6", Truck Shelters provide full access to the trailer opening. This speeds up loading and unloading the rear of the trailer while reducing damage caused to your seal. The seal is set through the use of hanging curtains with spring steel stays designed to slide along the outside of the trailer as it docks, thus providing an effective weather seal regardless of the trailer size.


Our custom designed seals are built to suit every dock situation - from light volume traffic to the heaviest traffic.Dock shelters help maintain temperatures in climate-controlled facilities, adding to the energy savings benefits. The flexible structures can withstand damaging force and compression when a trailer backs up to the wall for years of reliable performance.The disadvantages of dock shelters relative to dock seals are that some models provide substantially less sealing efficiency, especially when trailer door hinge gaps are left unsealed. Also, if shelter side frames are constructed of non-impactable materials, they can be severely damaged upon trailer impact, requiring costly repair or replacement. As a category, dock shelters are generally more expensive than dock seals.

  • Pressure treated wood frame construction is covered on top and sides with white vinyl panels to allow natural light to filter through into the loading area
  • Aluminum angle trim provides a finished look
  • Fiberglass stays in protective pocket covers provide positive spring-loaded contact of head and side curtains to top and sides of trailer body
  • Foam bead on leading edge of side curtains hug the sides of the trailer body
  • Protective wear pleats on ends of head curtain and bottom of side curtain for long lasting wear
  • Independent foam filled bottom cushions with "no step" warning
  • 4" steel channel bumper with 6" face prevents truck from damaging unit

There are a variety of factors that may affect the dimensions of your dock shelter. When considering which dock shelter model, you need keep in mind the points below:

  • Bumper projection determines the projection of a shelter (frame must be 18" greater than bumper projection from wall)
  • Head curtain drop (length) and frame projection may be affected by significant truck height variance (We suggest speaking with a representative about this or supplying a completed dock survey found below)
  • Slope of approach. Truck shelter frames are wedged to accommodate sloped aprons

Dock shelter vs Dock seals

Dock seals and dock shelters may look similar and accomplish similar goals, but they are each uniquely designed to fulfill different purposes.

Dock shelters

Dock shelters create a seal around a truck or trailer using fabric curtains fitted with fiberglass stays. Dock shelters are versatile, providing a range of different trailer sizes and being ideal for larger docks. Dock shelters are more durable and allow for unobstructed access to loads for higher efficiency.

Dock seals

Dock Seals are foam pads that the trailer backs into and rests against when at the dock. Dock seals provide a tight seal around three sides of the trailer but can wear out quickly on a dock that gets a lot of use. Dock seals also take up less space than shelters but aren't as versatile to fit a variety of trailers. Dock seals can also restrict forklift access to the trailer.

Weighing the options to choose between a dock seals and dock shelters can be tough, so it's helpful to consult Door and Dock solutions Inc today for expert sales, service and professional installation on the right seal or shelter for your loading dock.