Double Acting Door/Folding Door

Double Acting Door/Folding Door

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With such a lot of experience in our field – we have been serving the people of Houston and beyond for more than two decades – we have been always able to confidently and proudly offer, competitive door solutions to our ever growing and loyal, customer base.

Offering high quality doors at prices you'll find hard to beat, we ensure that our doors give the functionality, durability and reliability that our customers have come to expect from us, time and time again. Not only that, but with all our other professional services, such as repairs and upgrades, you can think of us as your one stop door and dock shop!

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What is a double acting door?

Sometimes known as double swinging door, impact traffic doors or folding doors, a double acting door is a single or pair of doors that are able to swing effectively in both directions. They are ideal for use in a variety of settings, such as heavy manufacturing like Aerospace and multi- line factories etc. They are also a popular choice for defense establishments.

What purpose does a double acting door serve?

Often selected for their efficient two-way movement, these cost-effective doors provide a fantastic solution for openings where a visual and/or sound barrier is necessary to cordon off two areas.Below are some more advantages of our double acting doors:

  • Seamless fiberglass exterior
  • Cleanable white gel coat
  • Durable construction that has a closed cell polyurethane core for maximum thermal performance and noise reduction

Our double acting door options

The five most popular types of double acting doors in our catalogue, today can be found below:

1. Restaurant swing door

Economical but high quality, our restaurant and kitchen swing doors are easy to install and maintain, and are extremely durable and long-lasting (available in single or double panel)

2. Retail store swing door

Built to guarantee longevity, our retail swing doors can be customized to suit your specific requirements (available in single or double panels)

3. Flexible swing door

Built to suit every type specification, our flexible swing doors include top mounted hinges and hardware (available in single or double panels)

4. Freezer swing door

Our range of commercial freezer doors are designed for use in high traffic settings, while still able to maintain maximum cold air retention. Offering high R-values, they cane be adjusted to suit your freezer.

5. Cafeteria swinging door

Available in five styles that will match a variety of restaurant or retail requirements, our cafeteria swinging doors are 100% customizable.

How our double acting folding doors can save time when you most need it

As we're sure we don't need to tell you, a quick response is always needed in an emergency, and in such places as hospitals, medical facilities, government or correctional facilities, speed is of the essence. Because our double acting doors are designed to swing open from the inside as well as the outside at the mere flip of a button, they are ideal for emergency situations that the aforementioned facilities doubtless encounter on a regular basis. Allowing access to certain rooms where having the door swing in one particular direction might pose a risk or put anyone in danger, the door can simply be made to swing one way, and below are some of the benefits of installing a double acting door from Door and Dock Solutions:

  • 1 push locking system
  • Visible occupancy and lock indicators
  • Instant access for trained staff
  • Easy reset
  • True 180-degree swing motion
  • Indicator to signify if a door has not been closed properly

Designed with the sole purpose of being able to handle high traffic consequences, our double acting doors are highly durable and resistant to even the hardest of wear and tear. A cost- effective solution for providing two-way movement through an opening where visual, sound and environmental barriers are necessary, these double acting doors are a great choice for use in a variety of sectors, including: supermarkets, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, taverns and alehouses, walk-in fridges, freezers and coolers, institutional buildings and department stores.To know more about efficient and durable range of double acting doors, get in touch with our team who will be happy to talk you through your options.

Our installation, replacement and repair services for all our doors, including double acting folding doors, are designed with the needs of our client's in mind, and if you're not happy with our work, we're more than proud to say that we won't be happy either, and will do our best to ensure that this never happens. Aiming to give you exactly what you want, at exactly the time that you want it, and at prices you can afford, our service offers outstanding value and is available throughout Houston and beyond. Browse the website for more examples of our fantastic variety of door and dock solutions, or call up our friendly and professional team for expert recommendations and advice.