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Double Acting Door, Folding Doors, Double Swing Door

Traffic doors also known as swing doors, impact doors and double acting traffic doors, are a cost effective solution for fast and efficient, two way movement through an opening where visual, sound and environmental barriers are required. As a movable structure used to open and close an entrance, a door has many jobs. Doors admit people, ventilation, and light. They create privacy, distance, and space from the other aspects of a building. They keep cold or heat in or out, control the spread of dust, and noise, and provide security.

In commercial double acting door applications, the list of door functions and objectives grows to include the efficient passage of people and goods, the ability to withstand moderate and heavy traffic, and the capacity to separate building functions coupled with ease of maintenance and aesthetic qualities consistent with the look of the facility. Opening with a light assist and closing automatically in a safe, gradual manner, double acting traffic doors are one option that achieves these goals.

As opposed to doors that swing one way[ Single acting door], and open and close manually via a knob, lever, push bar, or related device, double acting traffic doors open easily in both directions, simply by pushing on them, after which they automatically return to their closed position. Being bi directional, double acting doors open upon impact, automatically center in the opening upon closing, and do not typically close against a door stop.

A double acting traffic door with full perimeter door to jamb gasket seal and insulated panel will help control air, moisture, dust and dirt particulate movement through the opening. Used extensively in restaurant, retail, institutional, and industrial situations, double acting doors allow personnel and materials to travel more quickly between two sections of a building while acting as a separation between public and backroom operations. In commercial scenarios where bottom line considerations are key, double acting is represent a basic cost effective strategy for efficient movement, while providing necessary screening functions. We also have double acting cold storage door is used for personnel, hand truck and pallet jack traffic or double acting fire door.

Double acting door Advantage

Seamless fiberglass exterior
Cleanable white gel coat
Durable construction Closed cell polyurethane core for maximum thermal performance and noise reduction

Restaurent swing door

Door and Dock solutions offer offers low-cost, highquality restaurant and kitchen double swinging doors. They are easy to install, easy to maintain and are built to endure the abuse of high traffic. [Single or Double Panels]

Retail store swing door:

Door and Dock solutionsoffers a variety of Retail Impact Doors. All of our retail doors are over-built to ensure many trouble free years of service. Custom made to your specifications. [ Single or Double Panels]

Flexible swing door:

Door and Dock solutionsoffers a variety of Flexible Impact Doors. Each door is built to fit a specific need. All doors include top mounted hinges and hardware and are custom fit to your application. [ Single or Double panel]

Freezer swing door:

Door and Dock solutions offers commercial freezer doors are designed for high traffic applications and yet provide maximum cold air retention. All our insulated swinging doors offer high R-Values and are custom made to fit your freezer.

Cafeteria swinging door:

Door and Dock solutions offer cafeteia swing doors, available in five different styles to match any restaurant or retail need. Whether you are in need of restaurant cafe doors, retail cafe doors, bar cafe doors, we can custom make them for any application.

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