Drive Thru Restaurant Window Service

Drive thru restaurant window repair service and Door and Dock Service

The genius idea behind the fast food system is exactly what its name suggests: speed. Without drive-thru windows, the businesses would likely not be nearly as effective. Drive thru restaurant window repair service provide safe and functional access for businesses such as fast food restaurants and pharmacies. Many sizes of Drive-Thru Windows are available, and can be incorporated as modular units or a part of a new storefront. They are manually or motor operated. Motorized units may have a foot control or motion detector. Older units can be serviced or retrofitted. Door and Dock service solutions can help you with most vital part of your drive through business.


The Drive Thru Equipment Store is able to handle all of your Drive Through Lane equipment needs. We understand that drive-thru equipment is vital to your business, and that you need cost-effective, dependable solutions.

We Keep Your Business Traffic Flowing

Drive through windows are used in a variety of business applications due to the wide range of sizes and styles available. No longer just associated with fast food restaurants, drive through windows can be found being used for a number of business applications:

  • Banking services
  • Coffee shops
  • Grocery Stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Pharmacies

Types of drive thru windows:

  • Single panel sliders are used for quick face-to-face service
  • Double panel sliders that open from both the right and left hand side
  • Large service double panel slider for party trays, groceries, pizza etc
  • Bi-parting sliding window for high visibility and convenience
  • Bump out windows for full, panoramic view of cars to provide for four feet of counter space
  • Pass Thru and Security
  • Highest Standards of Windows and Installations
  • Our Own Employees, No Sub-Contractors
  • Fast and Professional Installations
  • Accommodate Special Needs and Requirements
  • Transaction Drawers
  • Teller Windows
  • Concession and Walk Up Windows
  • Self Closing Units
  • Air Curtains can be mounted above to reduce insects from entering building Custom Colors available to match your theme and architecture
  • 1/4″Clear tempered Glass and bullet resistant glass available

For fast food restaurants, windows and doors play a crucial role in the businesses' success. Beginning with the most obvious the drive thru window any type of defect with this window could impede or completely inhibit business from continuing. A broken drive thru window, or one that won't open, is un acceptable. But drive-thru windows aren't the only things that affect customers and the fast food business; entryway doors are a huge component too. While most people use the drive-thru, many will enter the fast food restaurant and order in person when lines are long or they want to sit to eat. If entry way doors are defective, then, a customer may be deterred. Some fast food restaurants also use rolling shutters and grilles in order to lock up shop at the end of the day. When these systems are not in place, the area may be more vulnerable to theft. Of course, even if all doors and windows are technically "working" as they should, they may not be the most efficient model for you business. We offer a wide range of window and door services for fast food companies and other commercial business in Houston , TX

We can assess all windows and doors on your business's property to determine whether or not the windows and doors are as efficient as they could be. Keep in mind that dated windows and doors often allow heat to escape in the winter, and let heat in in the summer, resulting in higher utility expenses. If your windows or doors are in need of replacement, we have a huge array or windows and doors to choose from. We offer the highest quality window and doors for businesses. We can also perform maintenance for you windows and doors, as well as repairs. We offer emergency repair services, and are available 24/7 if you have an emergency repair need. Fast food businesses must meet customer expectations , We are here to serve you !