Edge of Dock Levelers

Why People choose Edge of dock leveler over pit leveler?

The edge of dock leveler is a more affordable option compared to pit levelers. When space is tight and loads are light the edge of dock leveler delivers a practical solution for loading efficiency and a smooth transition between the warehouse floor and trailer bed.They do not require concrete work or excavation, and come with integrated rubber stop pads. This is a light duty low cost alternative to the in pit style full size dock leveler.


Hydraulic, Electric or Mechanical versions of the edge of dock leveler are designed to operate in a low capacity, low frequency setting where a dock plate could not offer the ergonomics or performance. The edge of dock leveler is also a more affordable option to pit levelers. Automatically return to stored position once the trailer depart.

Mechanical Edge of dock [ E.O.D ]

Our Edge of dock leveler is designed to be easy to operate and is an alternative to portable plates. It is an affordable option for light-duty loading dock operations and can be installed quickly without the requirement for pit. An edge of dock leveler is used to bridge the gap from the edge of a loading area to a truck or ramp Edge of dock levelers are ideal for use when trucks are backing up to a dock. With a simple pull of the handle, the leveler will lift over the top truck height for easy positioning. They mount easily to most docks. Leveler is capable of servicing trucks 5″ above or below dock levels. Guards keep feet from under ramp. It's easy to operate. Spot trailer then put lip up and in. Lip automatically drops when truck pulls away. Counterbalance spring easily adjusts to desired tension. All heavy duty steel construction.

Electric Edge of Dock [ E.O. D ]

Electric Edge of dock leveler operates by push button control. The edge of dock leveler includes an integrated rubber bumper system to protect the building, dock and leveler from trailer impacts. It is also available with an optional trailer restraint system to improve safety around the dock area.

Hydraulic Edge of dock [ E.O.D ]

Hydraulic edge of dock leveler is fully hydraulic. The operator simply pushes a button to utilize the edge of dock . The hydraulic system is self contained and reliable. It ensures the operation is smooth and controlled. For ease of service, all components are easily accessible from the dock face.

Loading dock leveler

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