Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer to your question here, please call [832] 232- 9150 or visit our web - site and use the contact form or e mail us.

We are available to service our clients with 24/7 emergency services. With NO contact and payments can be made directly online on our website or by Phone/ Checks mailed to us.

No, our focus and expertise from years of experience is in commercial door/ Industrial door, Automatic door, Loading dock, Automated gates / Access control service and hardware.
We recommend that you service your door based on use cycles rather than time. For example, some commercial building garage doors may open and close 1000 times per day and requiring seasonal or monthly maintenance. In contrast, some heavy equipment garage doors may only open and close a handful of time each day resulting in less wear and tear. However, at minimum we recommend that you have your commercial doors serviced once per year. This will help to prevent unexpected failures that can lead to lost time, frustration and added expenses. We are happy to provide a Free consultation to help you determine the best maintenance plan for your doors, Call Phone [ 832] 232 – 9150 After hours Toll free [888] 611-7703, book online:
Priority based service means that we service commercial / Industrial doors and Loading docks based on need. First priority are mission critical emergency repairs such as a door/Loading dock that is stuck open, closed or is non-operational. We also treat commercial parking garage and car dealership door issues as emergency repairs. Priority level 2 issues are handled as soon as possible and include damaged but operational doors, as well as doors that are making noises during operation. Priority level 3 include pre-booked appointments and regularly scheduled maintenance. Fortunately, with our large fleet and efficient scheduling we are able to provide estimated arrival times for all of our customers.

During an inspection we will visually check the operation and mechanical condition of your doors, looking for any safety or operation issues. We go through a checklist to ensure your doors are in a good, safe working order. If needed, we will recommend maintenance or repairs and provide a quote.

With our preventative maintenance service, we complete a more comprehensive inspection, adjust the door tension with the springs, replace any wearable parts (i.e. belts, rollers, hinges, etc.) and lubricate any moving parts. We would also provide a quote on additional repairs, if necessary.

Cycle-based maintenance we recommend you service your door based on use [i.e. cycles], not time. It's the same as servicing your car based on miles you driven instead of months that have passed. We recommend this approach because the amount of use a door gets is highly dependent on its application. If your door is a high traffic door expect to conduct maintenance more often then, a door that gets light duty use.

Yes, at door and dock solutions we stand behind all of the product we sell and will provide service and coverage on all warranty claims. We will work with you directly to resolve any warranty issues you have free of charge you won't even need to contact the manufacturer.

Your door is a performance machine, designed to give you maximum utility with minimal problems. However, ensuring your door remains in top condition year after year requires an experienced technician that can identify issues before they become problems, and provide comprehensive service. Servicing your own door isn't recommended as it poses safety concerns for yourself and people using the door after service. It may also void the warranty. Book a free consultation with Abe's Door to discuss various service plans and help us find something that works for your needs and budget.

In between regularly scheduled service, we do recommend you follow our basic care and maintenance tips. This includes frequent visual inspections and occasional lubrication of rollers and hinges.

Door and dock solutions offer wide range of quality products that can meet the demands of customers. Including overhead doors, Dock doors, Fire doors, Automatic doors, Store front doors, Freezer / Cooler door, High speed doors, Wind loaded doors Automated Gates, Access control, dock levelers, HVLS fans, Truck restraints, Dock seals / shelters, Dock communication light and control and more, Industrial door systems provides dependable, cost-efficient long-term service solutions for any company.

We can install, maintain/ repair all types of doors including Industrial / commercial door, Automatic doors, and door safety products including Overhead doors, Dock doors, Automatic Sliding, Folding and Revolving doors, High speed doors, Hydraulic and direct drive doors and any door available irrespective of the manufactures.
Door and dock solutions service / Repair and Retrofit all brands and models of loading docks.

Finding parts for loading dock equipment and industrial doors is not always easy. When is it okay (or even an improvement) to install an aftermarket part or upgrade versus an OEM part? We sell after - market product like Track guard, Dock bumpers, Security gates and safety rails, Guard rails, Building protection products such as column protectors, barrier gates, HVLS fans, Trailer fans, Door Operators, Dock locks, door springs, and panels, Light communication and more.

We offer 24 /7 emergency service. Just contact our office during normal hours Phone: [ 832] 232 -9150, After hours call Toll Free: [ 888] 611 - 7703 and we can send out a repair crew very quickly to service your door / Loading dock emergency Service and repair and get your facility back up and running. After hours call Toll Free Phone: [ 888] 611- 7703.

ROI is based on the type of equipment installed, ranging between 1 and 5 years. If the product has an energy-efficient component, your monthly energy savings could make your return come much quicker. That being said, application matters. For example, a high-speed, high-cycle door is virtually indestructible compared to a rolling steel geared towards security.

We want to ensure your workers understand how to properly operate any new equipment. Your Sales Representative can provide training to help ensure overall worker safety thereafter.
After a purchase order is issued, turnaround time ranges from 3-5 business days to 3-6 weeks depending on the project. However, times can be expedited depending on your specific needs.
We'll work around your main operating hours whether in the evening or on weekends to ensure your schedule isn't compromised.
Air Curtains are a low-cost solution that reduce energy costs and consumption as well as maintain interior building temperatures and separate interior and exterior elements. This downward-facing blower fan minimizes cold drafts, dirt, dust and fumes from entering, enhancing the overall work environment.
High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans blend layers of air together to equalize overall temperatures. This gives a perceived reduction in temperature by 7-11 degrees, great for the summer months. HVLS fans also help prevent product spoilage in warehouses with high storage areas where temperatures are much warmer.
If your door has been impacted, most sectional doors can be repaired, rather than completely replaced. If the damage is past the point of a simple repair, individual panels can be replaced to have your door functioning quicker and more cost-effectively than by replacing the entire door.

Loading dock equipment's FAQ

- Dock Bumpers minimizes building impact by tractor trailers
- Wheel Chocks helps prevent trailer movement during shipping
- Caution Signs reminds drivers to chock their wheels before unloading
- Stop/Go Lights shows drivers when it's safe to approach or leave
- Reflective guides help lead drivers straight to loading dock
- Dock Lights shines a light into the trailer to increase visibility
- Security gates prevents drivers from entering building without warning
- Truck Restraints locks vehicles in place and more

Every building's loading area is unique. This includes the building itself, frequency of use, existing equipment such as bumpers or dock seals, size of trucks backing into the receiving area, the height of the door opening, maximum weight capacity traveling over the leveler and more. For the equipment that's right for your facility, contact a Industrial door systems representative for an on-site assessment.