Fire Door/Fire Rated Door

Fire Door/Fire Rated Door

Doors play a hugely significant role in keeping a building and its contents safe from the ravages of fire, which as we all know can be hugely destructive when able to rage freely, and uncontained.Fire door and frames allow people to safely evacuate a building in the event of a fire and help to limit the spread of the fire and smoke to other areas of the building. Here at Door and Dock Solutions, our expert, qualified team can install a range of fire doors to suit many requirements, along with fire rated doors that can help to reduce fire damage.


Fire rated doors

Made from special materials that all conform to strict fire safety regulations, fire rated doors can keep fire and smoke out of other occupied areas of a building to help minimize the threat of further damage, injury or even loss of life. With each of our technicians highly trained and skilled in the area of fire protection and safety, they can install fire doors to enable employees and clients to safely exit a building that is experiencing a fire, or fire rated doors that will help contain the fire.

What does 'fire worthy' mean?

Door manufacturers have to meet certain, stringent regulatory testing requirements for their fire rated doors to be classified as fire worthy for certain periods of time, and in the case of different types of fires. It's often required that doors with a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 80 rating be used in commercial buildings, to meet safety precautions, but whether your needs are commercial or industrial, the risk of fire is one that should never be taken lightly.

Does your commercial or industrial site need fire, and fire rated doors?

Any industry or business can be vulnerable to the risk of fire, whether commercial or industrial, and helping to protect people's lives along with buildings and their contents, is always going to make good business sense. However, if your industry is one that generates smoke or fumes, you will definitely need to have professionally supplied and installed fire, and fire rated doors, and if you haven't already, you should schedule a fire safety consultation with our expert team.

Benefits of a fire door other than the obvious, are that it can also improve working conditions in many manufacturing environments by helping to minimize odors, fumes or heat transfer between buildings and building areas. Fire doors, due to their motorized operation and sensing equipment, can also be triggered to shut automatically in the presence of extreme heat or even in response to the slightest hint of smoke.

Choosing the right doors for your needs:

Choosing the most appropriate fire door for a specific application can seem a daunting process, but with our expert help and guidance, we can ensure that your commercial or industrial enterprise gets the best fire protection for its needs. Here are some simple tips and pointers to bear in mind before you seek our professional help:

Check the door frame

If a frame bears a recognized label that qualifies it as being a fire door frame, then it may support a fire door that is rated 3 hours or less. Another important consideration when thinking about the frame of a fire door, is whether it fits snugly and securely around the door. A door that is not properly secured in its frame, and hasn't been properly maintained, immediately loses its effectiveness to protect against fire, and makes it not fit for purpose.

Does the door and its frame have a label provided by a certified testing agency? Perhaps the most well recognized and respected certified testing agency is the UL, or Underwriters Laboratory, and all fire rated doors and frames must be equipped with a label that they have provided, to guarantee that they have met all the necessary testing requirements. Note that the label must be embossed or mechanically attached to the door itself, and must give an indication of the doors fire rated duration, such as 90 minutes, and if painted over or tampered with, it becomes invalid.

NEVER block a fire door

Fire doors and smoke barriers must never be blocked, obstructed or made inoperable by any means.

Our range of commercial fire rated doors

We offer a supreme range of fire rated steel doors with glass windows, that enable light to enter a room or building while still protecting the occupants or property within. These are available in 20, 45, 90 minutes and 3-hour fire ratings.

We also offer a 20, 45 and 90-minute fire rated wood fire door made of mineral core materials that are ideal for room and corridor partition openings where fire rated doors are required. With superior screw holding, strength and split resistance, they can be customized in a variety of wood veneers.

Fill flush steel door

Constructed by placing two halves of the door panel together with an interlocking channel system, the internal core of the door is made with stiff, durable fasteners that extend the whole height of the door panel, and adhere to its sides.

Knock down or welded steel frames

These are a great option for existing construction where a pre-existing opening is already there, reducing the cost of installation. Easy to install, the three separate pieces of the frame ensure an exact fit and snug, secure holding to the existing wall construction.

It's important to note that many building codes mandate the use of fire rated doors, and if you're found to be non-compliant, you could face severe penalties and even a jail sentence.

Our fire and fire rated door installation and security consultation service is guaranteed to ensure that your commercial or industrial facility meets all fire safety requirements as per state and federal law, and are designed to help you not only be as protected as possible from the risk of fire at all times, but to help you understand what is required to maintain the doors and continue keeping your premises safe. We also stock, sell and install a number of fire safety hardware items, such as locks, hinges, panic bars and exit alarms.

With our service available throughout Houston and beyond, browse the website for more examples of our fantastic variety of fire and fire rated door olutions, or call up our friendly and professional team for expert recommendations and advice.