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Handicap/ADA Door Opener Houston

At Door and Dock Solutions, we believe in offering our customers a high-quality level of service surpassing that of our competitors, and when it comes to our range of cold storage doors, you won't find a better choice than ours. No matter what the size of your project or how complex your needs are, our premium standard of service remains consistently high, and we can match or beat, all prices that you'll find elsewhere.


Here to meet all your commercial or industrial needs efficiently and successfully, our range of services to suit all budgets, conform to all necessary health and safety requirements and are available in a whole host of sizes. Do note that most of our doors and docks can be customized to meet your specific needs, too.

How can you make your entrances accessible for handicapped individuals?

If you need to make the entranceways to your facility accessible for handicapped people, then we have a solution to fit your needs. At Door and Dock Solutions, our ADA automatic door openers enable people who may be physically impaired, to enter and exit a building with ease and dignity, something that every person deserves to be able to do, whatever their physical limitations may, or may not be.

Dependable, durable and meeting the gold standard for ADA applications, our automatic openers are currently being used in a variety of commercial and industrial buildings all over the globe, and with our help,

we can make your building or storefront accessible for everyone. With the addition of an automatic door opener, you could bring your business up to the level of ADA compliance, and when you work with us, we'll get the job done for you swiftly, while never compromising on the quality of service we provide.

Our handicap door buttons

With a selection of push plates to ensure the ultimate in functionality and ease of use, our handicap door buttons can be integrated into your existing door opener using a wired, wireless and/or touchless installation.

Manual opening retrofit with a handicap automatic door opener

If you have an existing manual swing door, our experienced and skilled team at Door and Dock Solutions can convert it into an automatic door with the installation of a door operator, enabling visitors, customers and employees to enter and exit with ease while causing minimal disruption to your existing doorway.

Not only do automatic door openers give you improved accessibility, but they help to ensure the safety of a buildings inhabitants by preventing the cross contamination of harmful germs from touching door handles. Instead of having to clean germ hotspots such as door handles every day (and multiple times if you want to eliminate viruses such as Covid-19), why not replace them with automatic switches and door openers?

Our installation options for handicap commercial doors

There are a number of applications in which automatic handicap door openers can be installed, the most common of which can be found below:

Below are some of the top features of our automatic hospitality doors:
  • Single doors
  • Paired doors
  • Surface applied packages including door and frame
  • In or out swing
  • Double egress doors
  • Left or right-handed

Operational features of our handicap door openers

Each of our ADA door operators offer a number of benefits depending upon the application they're used in; both series feature the following:

  • Time delay closing adjustment
  • Speeds for opening and closing can be adjusted
  • Push-n-go activation method
  • Soft touch safety reversal feature
  • Technology that senses when an obstruction is present

With a range of medium to heavy-duty handicap door openers, we can offer you openers that are low energy, with power-assisted door opening) and those that operate with full power.

Why Choose Door and Dock Solutions?

There are many reasons why you should make Door and Dock Solutions your company of choice when searching for high-quality products and systems for your business, no matter what it may be, what size it is and how complex your needs are. Below are some of the reasons we are most proud of:

Industry understanding

With our deep understanding of each industry that we work with, we can develop, manufacture, install, repair and maintain a range of products and services that are guaranteed to meet your exact requirements.

Lifetime product commitment

Our lifetime product service, which includes comprehensive on-site training, freight coordination, technical services, part replacements and warranty fulfilment, shows that we are dedicated to supporting you right from purchase, through to the installation of your product and beyond.

Technical competence

Standing behind each and every one of our door and dock products and solutions, we are confident to make, sell, install and repair them all using our experience, technical knowledge and skills. We sell only those items that we know have been rigorously tested, and will meet your every need while conforming to all safety and performance regulations.

Unmatched quality

Our products, range of services, and customer satisfaction levels are as high as we know you deserve them to be, and for that reason, we are proud to offer you the kind of service that you simply won't find elsewhere. Add that to our unbeatable, competitive and highly affordable prices, and you've got a winning combination.

Our planned maintenance program

For your business to continue to run smoothly, you need your door and dock systems to function as normal and perform at their best, all the time. That means consistent maintenance and staying on top of repairs. Fortunately, when you enlist our help at Door and Dock Solutions, we will expertly and efficiently take care of all your regular service needs and during scheduled reviews, we will thoroughly assess the condition of every system and piece of equipment, provide you with an official, written report of our findings, and repair any faults or damage immediately.

Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity of all door and dock systems, so talk to our friendly team about scheduling a check for your equipment, today.

Contact us today

For more detailed information, advice and guidance about any of our products or systems, please do give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call today. Always on hand to assist you, they will be happy to answer all your queries, or arrange for a specialist or technician to come out and meet you and assess your door and dock needs, in person.