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Hangar door Service Houston,TX

Your hangar or industrial building project requires door repair, door service, door installation,Our technicians are trained with the knowledge and equipment to meet all of your needs. Let Door and Dock Solutions motorize, repair, that will work for you We offer extensive experience in repairing and installing hangar doors. We can also find hard to get repair parts and provide a cost effective solution.Over the course of many years of exclusively working on hangar doors we have developed a unique and highly specialized knowledge of hangar doors and have become an industry leader. Is your company having problems with your hangar door? Do you want it repaired, replaced, or retrofitted or do you simply want to ensure its safe and smooth operation?

Bi-Folding Doors

  • Horizontal Sliding Doors
  • Single panel / multi panel 
  • Hanger canopy doors
  • Telescopic canopy doors
  • Centerfold canopy doors
  • Brazed canopy doors
  • Fabric door
  • Un – brazed canopy doors
  • Vertical lift doors
  • Aircraft tail hanger doors
  • Safety Inspections
  • Motor operators / manuel operated

Bi-fold Doors

Vertical bi-fold doors have been a favorite of the aviation industry. Available in both aluminum or steel bi-fold hangar doors are easily opened and closed by a simple push of a button.

Rolling Hangar door

Side rolling hangar doors are an economical solution for large or extra wide openings. Available as uni-directional, bi-parting, full-floating configurations.

Hydraulic Single Panel door

Available in both light weight aluminum and cost effective steel, hydraulic doors are the answer, when headroom is limited.

Telescoping Doors

Constructed as a multi-leaf bi-parting system, telescoping doors are a cost-effective, safe, design that’s easy to maintain.

Your hangar door is a fundamental part of your building and protects your aircraft from dust, sand and water intrusion, that’s a fact. It’s arguable that the physical condition of your hangar door can determine the success or failure of your building in extreme weather, as many buildings collapse after the hangar door has blown in. Either way it is worth reminding you that a hangar doors condition beyond whether it opens and closes could have an impact on the doors life span, and preventive maintenance needs to be addressed. As years pass, a once durable door that has served as the face of your aircraft hangar will begin to deteriorate due to the life expectancy of the materials and Florida’s demanding climate. This can result in problems for hangar door owners that translate into much more serious and potentially dangerous or expensive scenarios that include the dreaded words ” door replacement ”. Care for your hangar door can be done through periodic service inspections and preventive maintenance, as well as following some of the simple tips below:

Keep your hangar door in prime condition, We offers you the latest in hangar door upgrades

There are many different types or systems of hangar doors that are used by aviation companies and are in the market today. Among the notable ones are sliding, accordion, bi-fold, single panel, and fabric door types. Whatever type of hangar door you have, we know how to efficiently service it for you.

We offers the servicing, repair and upgrade of almost all makes and models of bifold, hydraulic, and bottom rolling doors and more; routine door inspections and safety checks; replacement of broken or damaged parts with genuine or parts of equal standard; maintenance and/or upgrades of existing hangar doors; servicing of manufacturer’s warranties. Our work is always in accordance with your hangar door manufactures system specifications.

What’s more, our service technicians can walk you through the regular maintenance procedures to ensure that your hangar door is properly taken care of. When you call us, a safety and security check is part of our usual standard. We can like wise install additional or up-to-date safety systems to your hangar door to prevent harm to your property and your people.

We offer the installation of photo eye sensors or door base safety edges which can stop your hangar door from closing when there is an obstruction such as an aircraft or a person. We likewise have other options for you such as warning lights and horn, entrance lights, emergency backup systems in case of a power outage, top override and side latch jiggle switches which will disconnect power to your hangar door.

At the same time, if you have an old hangar door which you want to retrofit or upgrade with the latest technologies, we can definitely do it for you. Our technicians can suggest the latest technologies that will allow you to maximize the use of your hangar door as well as enhance its performance.

Bi-Fold door Systems general maintenance

  • Grease line shaft pillow blocks through a grease ‘zerk’.
  • Lubricate center hinge at all locations. Check cotter pins and replace if needed.
  • Check sprockets and chain at operator:
  • If sprockets have shifted, loosen mounting bolts and realign using a straight edge.
  • If chain is loose, adjust by using the tension bolts on the gear reducer. Loose the four bolts on the back of the gear reducer, tighten the tensioning bolts until the chain has from 1/4” to 1/2” of play. Re-tighten all bolts and lubricate chain with oil.
  • Lubricate all the lift cables using an old rage and gear oil. As the rag is passed over the cables, watch and feel carefully for frays in the cables. Any cables excessively frayed should be replaced.
  • Check adjustment of the locking cables which should be tight enough to close the door gently. Over tightening of these cables will lead to premature cable failure.
  • With the door in the fully closed position, check door rollers for excessive wear. Check to see if the door is tracking straight. This can be seen by the marks left by the door rollers on the outside of the jamb.
  • Inspect welding of the frame to the building.
  • Check that all switches and wiring are in good working order.
  • Inspect locking devices and hurricane bolts.
  • Check the top and bottom door weather stripping and replace if necessary.

Hydraulic Swing door System general maintenance

  • Lubricate hinges on the header at all locations.
  • Check hydraulic fluid level. Replace hydraulic fluid and filter every 2-years.
  • Clean and lubricate cylinder shafts.
  • Inspect all hydraulic hoses for cracks and deterioration.
  • Inspect all hydraulic lines for leaks.
  • Inspect welding of the frame to the building.
  • Check that all switches and wiring are in good working order.
  • Inspect hurricane bolts.
  • Check the top and bottom door weather stripping and replace if necessary.

Drive unit maintenance

  • Lubrication of bottom bearings and hinges.
  • Adjusting lift and lock cables
  • Rubber weather seal inspection
  • Safety edges check and adjusted for proper working condition
  • Limit switch adjustment
  • Paint touch up

Please make sure your hydraulic door utilizes at least a counterbalance valve which stops the door from crashing down. If you are unsure or know they are fitted and would like them installed they can be retrofitted. Door and Dock solutions has extensive experience in repairing and installing all types of airplane hangar doors. These doors require specially trained and experienced technicians to ensure the doors work safely and reliably to help avoid damaging your valuable asset. Door and Dock solututions has worked at several Military bases, international airports, local airports, private airports, with many years of experience you can depend on us to install and service your hangar doors. We service and repair all types of door systems regardless of age or the original manufacturer. Regular maintenance saves money in the long run by avoiding un expected service calls. Our technicians will inspect, lubricate and properly adjust your door to help minimize downtime and provide proper preventive care. If it appears that additional work is required or repair needed, we will provide detailed recommendations and an estimate. we offer 24/7 emergency service. We know that in the aviation industry, any delay or inconvenience can cost a fortune. Hence, whenever you encounter any issue with your hangar door, do not hesitate to call us. Whatever the time of day or night or even the kind of weather, we will attend to your hangar door needs immediately. This is because we care for you and we value your business.

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