Houston Automatic Door Maintenance

Houston Automatic Door Maintenance

Commercial automatic door maintenance for office buildings and retail stores is necessary for the safety of all the people in your building. You already know how to prevent a door from breaking down by performing regular maintenance. Stop paying out of pocket for costly repairs and let Door and Dock Solutions fix your automatic doors. All doors have a lifespan, but you can significantly extend this with proper maintenance and repair needs for entry doors for fair price in Houston area.

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We provide service to building owners and operations managers of commercial buildings in Houston, Texas. Our expert A.A.A.D.M certified technicians could troubleshoot faulty automatic doors, repair, and maintain any door opening system, including different type and models of automatic doors like; automatic, glass, rolling, sawing, folding, revolving, sliding, and ICU / CCU doors, Manual doors, wheelchair-accessible doors and fire-rated doors for reliable professional most experienced technicians providing service solutions at affordable price for automatic entrances.

Door and Dock Solutions offers comprehensive and reliable maintenance programs for your commercial doors and customized services to meet specific building needs. With years of experience, our technicians have the expertise needed to get your commercial door back in working order quickly and safely. We offer service contracts that include our expertise to help you maintain the longevity of your entries. We can assist in finding a replacement door if your doors are unsafe or beyond repair.

Repair Services

Door and Dock Solutions, is a full-service commercial door supplier; providing high quality commercial automatic door repair services and automatic sliding, Folding, Swinging, Revolving door replacements. Our experienced and professional technicians can handle any job scope for your commercial entrance needs. We use only the best materials and products to ensure long-lasting repairs. Our repair service offers 24-hour availability, so you can count on us during any time of day. Along with our repair service, we provide ongoing maintenance to ensure everything functions properly day in and day out. Through our knowledge and experience, we’re able to deliver quick and exceptional service for our clients.

Our staff of technicians knows what it takes to keep your commercial door systems running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. If a problem occurs at our client’s property, they can count on us to accurately assess the situation and provide fast, competent, and reliable service to get their doors back in working order. You can rely on our experienced team of experts to solve any of your commercial door issues. We have the knowledge, equipment and tools to repair service covers a range of services for a quick and affordable fix. Some commercial door issues may include:

  • Broken rollers
  • There is a delay in the door sensors
  • There is an improper door adjustment
  • The door has scratched or broken glass
  • The electric door locks are damaged
  • The locks are faulty
  • There is door speed irregularity
  • The sensors are not working

We have been in business for over 25 years and have a proven track record of expertise, speed and quality of work. We use the highest quality OEM Parts available and will immediately replace any defective parts with brand new parts. We offer very urgent repairs on all makes and models of automatic doors from your business. You never have to worry about waiting to get your building’s entrance fixed. We also offer 24/7 emergency service when you need a repair fast or if it’s a weekend or holiday. Our high-quality staff can fix any brand of automatic door with the most affordable price and quick service. We also stay organized by having most manufacturer parts in stock.

Fast and Thorough Automatic door Maintenance

We provide fast and thorough automatic door maintenance to detect problems, door failures, and emergencies early. Our technicians are certified by the American Association of Automatic Doors Manufacturers [AAADM] and offer support and maintenance services for all automatic doors installed in your building. We offer the service you need seven days a week, from automatic sliding doors to swinging doors, from revolving doors to drive-thru window maintenance. Call us today.

Enjoy reliable, fast, and thorough automatic door maintenance with skilled technicians for emergency repairs. Whether you're looking for essential maintenance or a more comprehensive solution, we're sure one of our maintenance programs has what you need. No matter the type of automatic door you have, we're here to help. The correct maintenance keeps your automatic doors working flawlessly. That's why we take care of all: regular maintenance and repairs, cleaning, replacements, electrical issues, and more with excellent customer service.

On-demand Automatic door Maintenance

Our on demand automatic door routine maintenance has been designed to help businesses maintain and keep their automatic systems intact, thus making it the perfect option for companies who do not want a long-term commitment and are looking for a reliable service with quality technicians. Our service technicians are trained and have extensive experience dealing with various issues about automatic doors. In addition, they will work to ensure that the service provided meets your needs. This option is good for business owners who do not want a long-term commitment and are looking for a reliable service with qualified technicians with knowledge in all aspects of access control.

Our standard service offering is designed around our customers' needs and is available for any business owner who is not ready to enter into a long-term agreement. Our on-demand service is perfect for small to midsize businesses and establishments that do not need a long-term contract. The service is tailored to fit the needs of our contractors and their clients.

This option is the most flexible and cost-effective way to have your automatic door. You have no long-term commitments, and we will be happy to answer your questions or help you with any issues that you may have. Our employees are highly trained and certified by our company, but we won't charge you extra for these certificates.

Our mission is to help you get the most out of your investment by providing high service standards, reliability, dependability, and professionalism and providing an excellent job. We achieve this goal through our strategically aligned together team consisting of highly-trained field and office personnel to provide a positive team approach in all aspects of the service of your automatic door in Houston, Texas.

Emergency Services

At-Door and Dock Solutions, we are ready to provide top commercial door repair and maintenance services for your business. Our certified technicians can troubleshoot any problems with your automatic doors and will work hard to guarantee that your doors operate efficiently for many years to come. Whether you need a simple repair or immediate service, our technicians will visit your location at any time of the day or night!

We understand that time is of the essence, and we don't let anything slow us down when it comes to solving your door problem. You can always rest assured that your business won't have any interruptions with us. We understand that you need 24-hour service for all your commercial door repair Houston needs. That's why we're here for you day or night, any day of the week, and all with a same-day response time. We are also available after regular business hours by appointment only.

Preventative Maintenance Agreement:

The Preventative Maintenance (PM) Agreement is a contract between you and us. We agree to inspect your commercial door and the hardware regularly involved before something goes wrong. Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement, or PM Agreement, saves you money by ensuring preventative maintenance of the proper lubrication and adjusting the mechanical parts on your fire doors.

This way, you know that your fire doors will be working correctly. Our AAADM certified technicians are trained to perform regular inspections and ensure that their maintenance is done at regular intervals. In addition to this benefit, we offer you a discount on labor services and services.

We also offer special service programs such as our After-Hours Maintenance Program, which provides discounts on after-hours service calls. Check us out for more information! We come regularly, and we offer you discounts on labor and service. A particular advantage is that you get discounts on after-hours service calls.

Automatic door Maintenance Regulations

Automatic door maintenance regulations have been established by the Workplace Health, Safety, and Welfare Regulations in order to ensure that automatic doors are maintained according to the design specifications required by the manufacturers. In accordance with the Workplace Health, Safety, and Welfare Regulation of the Texas Department of Labor, each building owner's duty is to maintain the various doors on their premises.

The International Door Association [IDA] offers the Automatic Access Association Certification Program [AAACP], an international accreditation program for the public access industry established in 1988. Ensuring that your automatic doors are maintained to adhere to AAACP standards will help save lives, property, and legal liabilities to both you as a property owner and the door. This includes the operation, efficiency, and usage of automatic doors, which need to be maintained according to their manufacturer's specifications.

Every time you enter and exit a building through a sliding door, Folding, swinging door, revolving door, or automatic entrance, it's essential that it functions properly to protect both the employees and the public. According to federal law, owners of buildings with these doors must ensure that they are regularly inspected for correct operation and other potential concerns. Facilities must also be automatically controlled by a monitoring system and must have durable hardware that can withstand weathering and rusting.

When selecting a service provider for automatic door maintenance, it is essential to ensure they are trained and qualified to maintain the equipment with code-compliant procedures. By enlisting their services, you are ensuring that the sensors, mats and holding beams are still in good working method, there is nothing in the walkway that would make a person trip, there will be a watchdog protecting the building from fires and that anyone who has to use the emergency exit knows how to use it.

Routine Commercial door Maintenance

A daily safety check on your automatic door systems will reduce the risk of a malfunction. With an everyday checkup, you will notice if the door opens smoothly or gets more challenging to open, makes more noise or moves too fast or too slow, and stays open when it needs to.

When a visual inspection shows that something is changing gradually, there is a good chance that frequent minor repairs or adjustments will prevent more significant problems from developing. When a visual inspection shows something is changing, report it to your maintenance department. Always be aware of the door's condition and if you notice something that looks out of place, call us immediately to report it.

Door and Dock Solutions is the company you should call if you need door maintenance. Our maintenance plans include safety checks, lubrication, and more to keep your automatic sliding doors, swing doors, and revolving doors running smoothly for years to come. It is an easy-to-follow maintenance routine that helps keep your doors working properly, reduces the risk of malfunction, and keeps your facility running smoothly.

We have the training and experience to provide you with a thorough inspection of your doors. We will examine each door's operation, check the keeper system [if applicable], make any necessary adjustments, lubricate moving parts, test the door openers, check the battery condition, inspect keypads and sensors, weather strip doors as necessary, clean tracks and seals and check the doors clearances. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee an exceptional level of professionalism and quality!

Your automatic door system is an essential component of your building's infrastructure. As with any mechanical piece of equipment, it may stop functioning correctly. You don't want the doorway breakdown to be a big surprise so that you or anyone else get hurt when trying to navigate through the door! So let us be your maintenance partner and provide you with a plan to keep your doors working properly.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Moving parts need to be lubed. It's a universal truth but often gets overlooked in the rush and crush of a busy life. Lubrication is an essential part of maintenance. For example, lubricating your hinges will prevent them from squeaking; lubricate only metal joints and hinges, but don't lubricate plastic parts since it could weaken them or make them less flexible. Lubrication applies lubricant to surfaces to reduce friction or wear between moving parts, increase a moving part's lifespan, improve heat transfer, and reduce corrosion. Lubrication is crucial for machinery and moving parts.

Visual Inspection

The building owners, facility managers, or operator is advised to keep a record of daily safety checks performed regularly. These records should be saved for three years or the period prescribed by local regulations or authorities.

Visually inspect the tracks of sliding doors and make sure they are free of debris and can move freely. For instance, if a door is hung slightly crooked, the pinch point tightens up over time as the door slides along the track. Bits of debris may also get collected on the tracks, causing the door to jam if these problems persist after lubricating, cleaning or replace the track or the guide rollers. A fingernail alongside the tracks will determine whether there's a buildup of dirt and grime that needs to be cleaned. If you find dirt, sand, or dirt buildup on the track, use a spray lubricant or alcohol to remove it.

Weather Stripping / Weather seals

Weatherstripping is a piece of material that's slipped between the door and the frame to prevent air from escaping and regulate the room's temperature. The weatherstripping around a swing or revolving door forms a barrier to the temperature difference. If you notice a draft from the door even when it's closed, the weatherstripping will need to be replaced.

Lock Latch and Strike Alignment

The latch and locking strike is vital for every door installation or repair. They must be in good condition and well-aligned, or the door will not form a tight seal. The latch and strike on your doors should be kept close, but they need to be appropriately aligned in order to work correctly. If the latch or strike is misaligned, it will not be possible to seal your door. In addition, misalignment of the latch and strike may lead to additional problems with your door hardware.

Swing doors have a latch and strike, which need to be well aligned so that your door forms a tight seal. This is important because if there is too much space between the door frame and floor, the underside of the door will collect debris like leaves, pebbles, or even insects which can cause you to trip over them and trip the alarm system. Call us now if your door appears not to be sealed correctly.


When your threshold becomes loose and starts to crack, you will surely notice the crowing noise caused by air vibration. When the airflow is disrupted, it indicates that you need a new threshold. Installers make sure that the threshold under your swing door is tight so that it allows you to keep out the elements and rodents. However, thresholds change over time because of the movement of your installation. Sometimes the looseness can be concealed, but the threshold will need to be replaced in many cases. If a threshold becomes too loose and refuses to stay tight, then this is a sign that something has gone wrong with your installation, and it should need to be fixed by technicians.

For automatic door repair and maintenance in Houston and surrounding areas call now: 832-232-9150.