Hydraulic Dock Leveler Houston

Hydraulic Dock Leveler Houston

The recessed, or pit style dock leveler is the most common type of dock leveler because it has a greater operating range, load range, and life expectancy. Dock levelers are most often installed into pits that are formed into the concrete ahead of time.


The pits are sized to meet the exact requirements of the dock levelers being used. The standard range a recessed dock leveler can serve is 12 in. above and 12 in. below dock height. Special configurations of dock levelers can serve as much as 18 in. above and below, depending on ramp length and pit depth.

Hydraulic dock leveler

A push button hydraulic dock leveler is powered by a hydraulic system that raises the ramp. This design is very reliable but requires more maintenance than an Air-powered dock leveler. We provide the services and install / retrofit dock levelers in Houston, TX. We offer hydraulic dock leveler to suite most common capacity levelers or custom made dock leveler to suite your application. Dock levelers make the loading and unloading of product at the loading dock a simple process lowering injury costs and creating a better workflow environment. Hydraulic dock levelers are push button activated for a smooth, consistent operation, utilize fully powered raise and lip extension functions with hydraulic cylinders.


  • Single or duel hydraulic lift cylinder
  • Self forming pour in pan
  • Bio degradable environmental friendly hydraulic fluid
  • Smooth transition
  • Vacant dock drop of protection
  • Automatic free fall protection
  • Safety tread plate for maximum traction
  • Safety toe guards
  • Night lock prevent un – authorized entry
  • Totally enclosed motor and pump
  • Open frame design for easy pit clean up
  • 16″ lip standard
  • Automatic return to dock
  • Integral maintenance strut for deck with lockout capability
  • Available capacity 25,000 – 80,000 lb