ICU, CCU, Automatic, Doors Service, Houston

ICU, CCU, Automatic, Doors Service, Houston

Door and Dock solutions is a premier solution provider for automatic entry door systems in Houston, TX. We provide service including automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, automatic door operators and revolving doors. Door and Dock solutions provides maintenance and service of new and existing automatic entry systems, including automatic sliding doors, manual I.C.U and C.C.U sliding doors, automatic swing doors, low energy swing door operators, full energy swing door operators, inground automatic door operators, revolving doors, manual doors and pass-thru and drive thru window systems. Our Technicians are A.A.D.M certified and are up to date with all A.N.S.I standards.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected from their automatic ICU/CCU doors while maintaining the latest safety standards that their customers deserve. Hospitals and medical facilities have specialized access needs that drive the toughest building codes.

I.C.U door trackless systems have historically required flush bolts to facilitate breakout for bed, equipment, and patient transport.

I.C.U/CCU doors are ideal for rooms where air quality must be maintained in case of fire, as well as " infection control " to reduce germs from spreading and preserve a sterile environment.

Door and Dock solutions technicians, trained on all makes and models of Automatic doors, and drive fully stocked vans to cut down on costly return trips. Retrofitting is available for all makes and models of I.C.U/C.C.U doors, which extends the life of your doors. We can convert these types of doors to a positive latch system without door panel replacement.

We make adjustments to speed, assure functionality, safety, lube and adjust, check for loose screws, sensors and safety decals. Doors are inspected to current ANSI safety standards. Our technicians evaluate the condition of the door operation, weather seals, bottom sweeps, controller and motor operation, rollers guides and tracks, then make recommendations or repairs. Door and Dock solutions can provide complete repair and preventative maintenance for commercial and industrial automatic door applications. We pride ourselves on our expert installations, experienced sales team and outstanding "after sales" customer and warranty service, making us the premier automatic door service provider in the Houston, TX . Our installers and service professionals are factory trained and certified, and are skilled in all phases of installation and service.

We offer installation and repair on nearly every brand of automated entrance system on the market today. No matter what your application and need, Door and Dock solutions Service will provide you with the necessary information and workforce required to get the job done right the first time around, every time!