Industrial Curtain Walls

Industrial Curtain Walls Houston

The Industrial curtain wall is designed to partition off interior space for security or safety reasons, or simply to separate work areas for various functions. It is an installation system, rather than a commodity product. By combining various products with advanced installation techniques, solutions are provided to meet the customer's objectives and budget.


Industrial curtains are used in warehouses, factories, retail stores, schools, hospitals, airports and other commercial or industrial facilities. These are created to be lowered or raised to let in adequate light during the day while still maintaining privacy. The industrial curtain walls are easy to roll from one side to the other. This retractable barrier can be opened and closed in only a few seconds. At only about 1/3rd of the cost of a fixed permanent wall.

Industrial curtain walls are an ideal solution for effective containment of air-borne contaminants, reduction of energy costs, and control of noise or cold air loss. Curtain walls can be used to partition off storage areas such as pallet parking and staging, paint spray booths, blasting rooms, wash bays and maintenance bays. We can customize our standard curtain wall designs to create a custom length wall for you!

Industrial curtain walls are an important part of many industrial applications, protecting workers and equipment from the hazards of an open workspace. Industrial curtains come in many varieties, sizes, and materials, so you can find something to fit your application. Don't wait until disaster strikes, be proactive and install safety curtains for your nearby facility.

Industrial curtain walls are installed to cover an entire opening in a building. They are typically made of steel, aluminum, insulated glass, polycarbonate plastic, corrugated plastic, plywood or acrylic. Commonly they are utilized in office buildings, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants and warehouses. Similar products that perform the same tasks are often called sheltered space dividers or space partitions.

Industrial curtain walls for any business. Most of our customers are plant managers or top executives who are searching for practical solutions for getting the most out of their space. That is why we understand the importance of considering your unique business needs when designing your new interior partitions. We know that you need more than just privacy throughout your workplace; you also want increased productivity, improved health and safety, and immediate ROI on your new installation.

As a leader in the curtain wall industry, we can provide you with a variety of curtain wall services. We'll first strive to understand your personal requirements for a space before exploring building materials and other product options. We keep a wide selection of materials on hand for measuring, cutting, and installing customized solutions that exceed your expectations. We also offer professional consultations for our custom designed walls from the experienced members of our team.

Our industrial curtain wall system features an integrated cable system and a track head design specifically for industrial applications. The metal track head resists corrosion and the cable systems allow the overall height to be easily adjusted. We also offer a unique tilt-and-turn function that allows the panels to stop at any angle during their travel. This is extremely useful if you need to accommodate bay windows or angled projectors in your design.

Choose from a variety of options to upgrade your industrial space with curtain walls. The flexibility of the wall system allows for easy customization and expansion, while our commitment to quality materials and installation will impact your space in a positive way. The right selection of an ADA Compliant Curtain Wall system will help keep your facility secure and on the cutting edge of architectural design. With our wide variety of products, you can select a system to accommodate your specific needs for privacy, security, aesthetics, and sun control.

Welding curtains

Welding curtains are an important part of many industrial spaces to keep workers and customers safe. Welding screens also prevent hazardous fumes or chemicals from entering the general working area. Our high-temp welding curtains offer industry-leading protection, useful for multiple applications including welding, cutting, grinding, or molten metal splash. We offer top quality welding curtains to protect from weld arc, sparks, and flash burn. Importantly, welding screens also prevent hazardous fumes or chemicals from entering the general working area. Available in both drop down and portable options, we can find the best welding screen for your business.

We provide custom solutions for our clients making us a leader in the industry. Our portable welding curtains are designed to be used by companies with high demand for an easy-to-use, safe, and practical solution. They are used in many unique applications including welding, cutting, metal splash, heat radiating, or just general production work. Whether you need a drop down or portable solution, our high-quality products are certified by third party metal testing laboratories to ensure all of our products meet international standards.

Welding and grinding Workplaces

Industrial soundproof curtains

Industrial soundproof curtains help remove excess sound from a number of notice sources, such as HVAC systems, loud machinery and more. With our professional soundproof curtains, you can achieve the appropriate level of privacy in your industrial space while reducing distracting noise to 45db or less. These curtains are made with durable panes and thick insulation that add an extra layer of soundproofing to your industrial space.

Our soundproof curtains bring comfort and productivity to even the noisiest offices with noise reduction up to 30 decibels. We offer several soundproofing options, including panels for doors and walls that can be matched to any commercial or industrial wall color. Each door panel or wall panel is available in a variety of colors and sizes, and we even provide options in two-paneled and three-paneled soundproof curtains with varying thicknesses of insulation.

A special anti-vibration backing is integrated into the curtain to stop sounds from traveling through the ceiling. Compliant with the National Fire Code and The Workplace Safety and Health Regulation (WSH), we also install fire resistant and acoustical curtains. Many of our clients have been able to use our soundproof curtains as a way of providing increased privacy for their employees without having to make costly alterations to their space.

We have three types of soundproof curtains:

  • Fixed panel curtains
  • Lift and slide panel curtains
  • Motorized panel curtains

All of our curtains are built to meet the needs of your industrial space and to provide you with a custom-built solution.

Exterior curtain walls

Exterior industrial vinyl curtains are constructed from premium grade aluminum extrusions which are powder coated for additional durability. These industrial curtains can easily withstand high winds, snow, rain, sun, dust storms, salt air, freezing temperatures, extreme UV rays, and frequent access. The industrial vinyl curtain system is the ultimate in versatility with the ability to cover open windows or doors with no obstructions to your view.

Industrial curtain wall

The industrial vinyl curtains are ideal for the construction site. They are used to protect areas from dust and debris during construction. The industrial curtains can be quickly set up at the entrance of a construction site to keep the dust barrier in place until the building is complete. The industrial curtains are also ideal for factories or manufacturing plants that require a barrier between the public and their workplace.

Climate Control Curtains

Climate control curtains are a specialized type of curtain wall that helps your business save money by reducing the amount of energy required to maintain its temperature. They are made from durable vinyl panels that have been insulated with a thin layer of polyurethane foam which reduces infiltration and thereby reduces heat loss

Climate control curtain walls are made specifically for industrial or commercial applications. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions with special materials and reinforcements. When you choose climate control curtains, you're choosing a product that is made to be durable and long-lasting. When you're ready to increase the temperature control and energy efficiency of your industrial space, consider climate control curtains.

These specialized curtain walls are lined with double paned and insulation-lined vinyl to dramatically reduce temperature loss. Climate control curtains are an excellent way to save energy, ensure privacy, and confine contaminants or odors. They are broadly useful for a wide range of businesses including freezer or cooler areas, loading docks, and food processing lines.

Climate control curtains are available in a wide range of lengths and heights to accommodate nearly any size opening. They can be arranged to form a continuous barrier or can be installed in smaller sections. While most commonly made from vinyl, they are also made from aluminum or other materials. Climate control curtains can also be configured to allow for human access, light transmission, material flow, and even ventilation.

Climate control curtains are an efficient way to reduce the energy costs of your industrial space. By allowing you to choose the level of temperature or light reduction you need, climate control curtains allow you to tailor their use to the temperature requirements of your business. By choosing between translucent, opaque, and insulated models, you can select the amount of light transmission required for your commercial space.

Climate control curtains are an excellent way to save energy, maintain privacy, and confine contaminants or odors without sacrificing views or ventilation. Closed cell insulation is the best choice for any curtain wall that will be exposed to weather extremes or moisture because it has the highest R-value per inch of thickness. It remains flexible at low temperatures but is more difficult to install than regular foam insulation because it must be glued into place.

It is also more expensive than regular closed cell foam insulation but provides superior thermal protection. Climate control curtains are an excellent way to save energy, ensure privacy, and confine contaminants or odors. They are broadly useful for a wide range of businesses including freezer or cooler areas, loading docks, and food processing lines.

The primary function of climate control curtains is to improve energy efficiency by regulating temperatures in specific areas. Curtain air flow can be controlled by exhaust fans powered by variable frequency drives (VFDs). When turned on, the exhaust fans pull conditioned air out through the curtain while the ambient air is drawn in through the sides of the curtain. The VFDs are used to control airflow speed so that conditioned air is only drawn into the space when necessary. This saves energy because it prevents cooling or heating from being wasted.

When installed along loading docks or other spaces that require privacy, climate control curtains provide a barrier that blocks light and noise while controlling temperature between spaces. This helps prevent heat loss during the winter and heat gain during warmer months.

These curtains also help confine contaminants or odors inside areas where they occur, like grease trap areas near restaurants or animal confinement areas like poultry processing plants. This helps keep these spaces clean by preventing contaminants from spreading throughout the facility. Climate control curtains work by preventing the transfer of heat, cold, and moisture between areas.

One of the most common applications is on a freezer or cooler door to prevent heat loss through convection and radiation. This can save up to 10% on energy costs. When used at loading docks, they reduce energy loss through radiant heat from trucks or forklifts that would otherwise enter the building through the loading dock door as well as preventing theft by blocking sight lines from outside.

Key benefits

  • Less expensive than permanent walls
  • Quickly installed and removed
  • Seal off unused warehouse space
  • Reduce heating and cooling bills
  • Humidity and climate control
  • Temperature separation
  • Noise reduction
  • Contain dust and odors

Curtain wall applications

  • Loading dock Containment
  • Grinding and Cutting places
  • Dust Containment and Control
  • Noise Control and Containment
  • Fume Containment
  • Chemical Splash barriers
  • Medical curtain wall
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Machine guarding curtains
  • Warehouse divider curtain wall
  • Wash down curtain walls
  • Sandblast curtain walls
  • Welding divider curtain walls
  • Body shop paint booth curtain wall
  • Hazmat curtain wall
  • USDA food grade curtain wall
  • Clean room curtains
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical curtain barriers
  • Insulated curtain wall
  • Outdoor curtain wall

If you have a painting or blasting bay, a wash bay, a maintenance bay, or any other open common area at your facility that needs to be contained from communicable hazards to employees. Our FAA-approved curtain walls can be installed to meet NFPA 101 requirements so that your employees maintain a safe workplace. To learn more about our curtain walls and how we can improve your facilities, simply call Phone: [832] 232 – 9150.