Industrial Swing Gates Houston

Industrial Swing Gates Houston

Swing gate is a tubular design frame, which can be in filled with steel tube designs, steel security fencing, aluminum or stainless steel fixed louver design or steel welded wire panels. The swing gates tube design can also be furnished in aluminum or stainless steel. Our swing gates are protected by an extremely effective coating system, giving long life with a touch of elegance.


The steel swing gate frames and infill panels are controlled hot dip galvanized and then coated with thermo hardening powders, which gives swing gates protection from the elements as well as increasing its sturdiness and eliminating maintenance. The aluminum and stainless infill's are coated with the same thermo hardening powders as the steel, but where hot dip galvanizing may leave some drips and rough surface areas, the aluminum and stainless is a much smoother surface. The color gives an extra touch of appeal to the gate, harmonizing with its surroundings. Once you have selected the color from the wide range of choices available, it will endure exposure without fading.

Our operator is with a fast gearbox is highly efficient, producing maximum torque, maintaining a low amperage draw by reducing resistance, providing super silent operation. The rugged cast iron housing, bronze gears, and double sealed heat treated solid shaft. Our motor control technology learns the physical characteristics of a gate in order to control motion with maximum efficiency and speed.

We use brushless DC motor. Our motor drive have two manual release solutions. The first solution is the JOG OPEN & JOG CLOSE function. The JOG OPEN & JOG CLOSE function works by bypassing all Matrix 1 board inputs, serving as a electro-manual release solution even when the operator is not getting AC power but is still relying on battery backup. By installing an external "constant pressure switch" the JOG OPEN & JOG CLOSE feature can be accessed remotely.

The second solution is a complete non-electrical manual release of the gate operator. Using this function is as easy as unlocking the hood with a key, removing the hood and lifting the red handle, releasing the clamp's grip on the output shaft so you can open the gate. Manually releasing the operator in this manner will trigger the 'gate tamper' relay while simultaneously triggering the operator's on-board UL buzzer. This is a high-security feature not found in any other gate operator.

Our operator uses non volatile memory to continuously log performance characteristics and input/output events. A service technician can access this data via USB port to download the event history, quickly diagnosing complex or intermittent problems that traditionally have been very difficult to isolate and repair. By plugging in a USB thumb drive into the USB port. As a security device, tamper relay output that triggers whenever a gate has encountered an unauthorized movement. This can be configured to activate an alarm system. All activity logs can be printed by connecting a printer, connect card reader , Remote access / control from your phone or computer and more . Battery back up even during power failure you can operate gate 300 times open / close average, and more. If you need to install a new swing gate or replace an old one, we will be happy to discuss with you, your needs. We offer the most competitive prices.

We thrive on our ability to surpass your expectations with securing your commercial property with automated swing gate.