Knock Out Door

Just like our highly effective knock-out doors, our service is dependable and performs well for you at all times

It's not often you find a company with so much experience in its industry that is still able to confidently and proudly offer, competitive door solutions, such as knock-out doors, to a loyal customer base. However, with our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team of door specialists at Door and Dock Solutions in Houston, Texas, that's exactly what you get!


Here to help ensure that your commercial or industrial needs can be met efficiently and successfully, we offer a wide range of services to suit all budgets, each of which is guaranteed to conform to all necessary health and safety requirements. Our doors can be made from a variety of materials, come in a whole host of sizes, and perhaps most importantly, can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Offering high quality doors at prices you'll find hard to beat, we ensure that our doors give the functionality, durability and reliability that our customers have come to expect from us, time and time again. Not only that, but with all our other professional services, such as repairs and upgrades, you can think of us as your one stop door and dock shop!

With hundreds of satisfied customers in and around Houston, we will never disappoint you, and once you've experienced our friendly and professional customer service, you'll never go anywhere else for your door and dock requirements. Proud to serve you, our helpful advisory team are waiting to take your call.

What are knock-out doors?

Loading dock doors can be a huge hazard when products are being moved in and out of a facility, and the last thing any business wants, is to have a dock door that fails; this can have a devastating impact on efficiency and workplace productivity.

Fortunately, our comprehensive range of knock-out doors provide a versatile and cost-effective solution to the expensive problem of having to replace dock doors.

How do knock-out doors work?

Designed to break away in the event of a significant impact, our knock-out doors can easily be reset without having to pay out for the replacement of costly door panels. Such accidents where impact has been involved, can of course cost you money, but they are also extremely inconvenient and can have a drastic effect upon overall productivity.

A major obstacle when moving valuable products in and out of a facility, loading dock doors can make the investment you made on the inside of your building, pale to insignificance when they fail; costly to repair or replace, not to mention the losses you'll experience in productivity and efficiency, security also becomes a major concern when a loading dock door breaks down.

Dock door manufacturers have come up with an ingenious solution to try and help combat these losses on loading dock, by inventing a knock-out door, which can be described as a sectional garage door able to withstand impact and easily reset itself back into the door panels and tracks.

The increased volume of traffic at many modern loading dock facilities has meant that these problems are becoming more common every year, and we are receiving calls and enquiries from a huge volume of customers seeking our efficient, cost-effective knock-out doors.

Our knock out door solution

Ensure that your product can keep moving on its forward trajectory by installing a knock out door, without knocking out your budget! To know more about our selection of knock out doors and to find out if they might help minimize costs at your busy production facility, call us up and speak to one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians, today. Always on hand to help, if your circumstances are urgent, we'll endeavor to get out to you as soon as we can, and with our own extensive array of tools and equipment, we'll arrive with exactly what we need to carry out the job successfully, no matter what the time of day or night.

It's important to note that while maintenance costs are greatly reduced with knock out door, they still require regular spring adjustments and other types of services, similar to those required on our range of standard sectional doors.

Even if your facility is run professionally, there are times when accidents are unavoidable, and doors may receive damage from forklifts running into panels and tracks. When this happens, the cost of repairs or replacements can be just as significant as the damage caused, so our knock out doors really do make good business sense.

Here are some more features of our knock out doors

  • Automatic brake –this holds the door in an open position and its' latching lock arms brace the door when closed.
  • Simply open and close to reset; spring loaded rollers or pins are not required
  • Panels are lightweight, insulated and durable, and are suitable for use in docks where temperatures need to be controlled
  • Sturdy design makes them highly resistant to damage from impact
  • Heavy duty, long lasting hinges
  • One lock for security
  • Wind loaded door available
  • Manal chain hoist or motor operated
  • Bottom brush seal in addition to loop seal

So, if you're in the Houston area of Texas and are looking for a company that can provide you with an extensive range of commercial and industrial door and dock solutions to suit a variety of applications, then we guarantee to have the products you need, and the level of customer service, you'll love. We take immense pride in offering our clients only the very best quality products at prices we know are competitive, and we firmly believe that once you've spoken to our dedicated team of specialists and technicians, you'll be satisfied that you've chosen the right company for all your door and dock needs. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and see how we can help you choose the perfect product for your needs. Always available to dispense our expert advice and guidance, we are experts at what we do, but our advice is free and entirely non-obligatory.