Rain Protection

Rain shield/ Rain guard

Water can pour off the back of a truck into the loading dock , rain shield uses a heavy foam pad to seal the gap between the top of the trailer and the dock seal to stop water from entering the loading dock. It seals the top of the trailer without manual activation. It's so simple yet so effective.Easily mounts over existing seal or shelter.Rain shield/ header seal succeeds where ordinary dock seals fail to keep rain and snow, sleet ,hail and wind off the dock, also known us Rain guard,Weather guard, Head seal, Weather Sentry, dock seal hood, Aqua shield, Rain shroud etc.Rain guard's self supporting capabilities and slope of the head frame provides adequate snow load protection and deflects rain from the loading area.Increase dock safety by eliminating wet, slippery conditions from the dock bay area.

  • Easy installation above new or existing dock seals
  • Simple effective design with no required maintenance
  • Extra wide construction of rain shield ensure the full width of the trailer top is sealed
  • All rain shields have seams double lock stitched with high a strength thread
  • Prevent moisture
  • Increase employee comfort and productivity.
  • Duel density foam core for extended seal life
  • Snow load support
  • Protect product from damage or contamination
  • Dual density foam core for extended seal life
  • Does not restrict access to interior of trailer
  • Consistent, reliable seal across varying trailer heights
  • Flexible construction handles 90% of all traffic (typical height range 12'9″ to 13'6″)
  • Automatically positioned by backing trailer; no manual activation required
  • Easily retrofits a wide variety of existing seal and shelter designs