Dock Communication Lights and Controls

Dock Communication Lights and Controls

Dock communication light and control system uses flashing red and green lights to inform truck drivers and forklift operators of the status of the loading or unloading operation.The system includes two light communication systems – one outside on the loading dock wall and one inside the building. When the truck is properly restrained at the loading dock, the dock personnel activates toggle switch mounted on the inside loading dock communication light, changing the inside light to green and the outside light to flashing red.


This tells the truck driver not to move during the loading/unloading process. After the truck is loaded/unloaded dock personnel release the restraint, then simply toggle the switch back, changing the inside light to red and the outside light to green, which then indicates to the truck driver he is free to move the vehicle.

The Dock Communication or some times called Dock Alert Systems is a simple, reliable, and cost effective lighting system that establishes a clear line of communication between truck drivers and dock personnel, thereby reducing the risk of accidents at the loading dock. As a truck is being directed to an individual loading dock, the dock alert light Communication System flashes green outside. The truck is cleared to back into the dock. When the trailer reaches the dock and is safely chocked dock personnel change the lights manually or automatically via a door or leveler limit switch.

The flashing green light outside changes to flashing red, while a set of forward and reverse image signs tell the driver that he is safely docked and should not pull away. Located on the face of the interior control panel are a second set of red and green lights.

The additional set of lights works in the opposing mode to the outside lights. When the outside light ashes red letting the drivers know they are safely docked and should not pull away, the inside light ashes green to indicate that loading and unloading may begin. Activation of the dock Alert can be manual or automatic depending upon the model selected. Prevent un scheduled truck departures and trailer entries by signaling red and green to the truck driver and forklift driver. It let the driver know when they can pull away from the loading bay. Our loading dock lights are available in either incandescent or L.E.D illumination and horizontal or vertical mounting.

Exterior Light System is designed for maximum durability and Visibility

Exterior polypropylene housing will not rust, pit or corrode like similar metal units. The shallow depth of the unit helps to protect from damage from incoming trailers. A yellow housing is highly visible and the usage of integral eyebrow-type sun visors over the red/green lights creates extended visibility.

High Visibility Signs

A set of standard read and mirrored image read signs that read "Caution. Pull in or out on Green Only" are provided as an added measure of safety.

Option 1

Photo sensor or limit switch for automatic light color control panel with dock leveler and door : interlock with operator load functions for leveler and inside green light control.

Option 2

It can integrated into a single control metal enclosure with your Air powered or Hydraulic dock leveler, optional interconnections can assure proper procedure and enhanced safety all times.