Dock Signs And Numbers

Dock Signs And Numbers

Lighting Dock Lights, Led Dock Lights, LED bumper dock light, Loading Dock Lights Red Green, Solar dock lights, loading dock guiding lights, LED bumper guide light.Loading dock guide lights provide visible assistance for truck / trailer approaches in environments where the lighting levels are low.


The clear target provided by the loading dock guide light avoids damage to the building, trucks and trailers and improves safety and efficiency at the loading dock.Lining up tractor trailer is a challenge especially in bad weather, in a rush or an in experienced person driving it. LED dock light provides drivers with a visual target to align a truck trailer with the dock door. The Guide Light Set is especially useful in low-light environments like enclosed dock bays, but is bright enough to improve visibility of the dock opening even in daylight! The guide lights may also be installed inside the building to mark the door openings for forklift operators and other warehouse personnel.

Built rugged with shock and vibration resistance the LEDs are protectively covered by a weatherproof polycarbonate amber housing; a color ideal for contrast and depth perception in mist, fog, and other weatherinclement. The LED Loading Dock Guide Light Set can also be combined with "Stop and Go" lights for even greater levels of communication between drivers and warehouse staff. Designed to provide added safety by improving a driver's depth perception while backing into an open dock, these lights are ideal for every loading dock.


  • Easy installation on any vertical surface
  • Long-life L.E.D reduce replacement costs and down time
  • Customizable color signals for greater levels of communication
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Ideal for dark loading bay navigation
  • Easily activated by any on/off switch, control relay, or permanent power supply

The most effective safety reflectors provide the most effective method for safety guiding trucks into the proper position at the loading dock day or night.All of our award winning dock reflector models are certified under retro-reflective intensity testing procedures A.S.T.M E809 and E810. We use superior intensity film with maximum micro prism brightness that meets and exceeds Federal Specification L- S-300C, A.S.T.M Standard No. D4956 and FED-STD-370 providing unbeatable day and night guidance for trucks. The superior cost-effective green design requires no electricity to operateIt utilizes advances retro reflective materiel with superior micro prismatic brightness. Your safe loading dock gets safer and easier to maneuver.


  • No electric power consumption ever
  • Made in the USA