Machine Guarding Houston

Machine Guarding Houston

Machine guards are protective devices that cover moving pieces of machinery that may pose a danger to workers.


Moving machine parts have the potential to cause severe workplace injuries, such as crushed fingers or hands, amputations, burns, or blindness. Safeguards are essential for protecting workers from these preventable injuries. Any machine part, function, or process that may cause injury must be safeguarded. When the operation of a machine or accidental contact injure the operator or others in the vicinity, the hazards must be eliminated or controlled. Effective way to protect personnel from the dangers posed by automated equipment. These barriers are a strong and economical solution to plant safety needs. Machine guarding hazards are addressed in specific O.S.H.A standards.

Coiled wire fabric machine guards are widely used in the manufacturing and fabrication industries to guard operators from ejected parts and debris during machine use. The guards can easily be opened to load and inspect a part then closed and secured during press operation. The Modular security partitions are used for protecting dangerous machinery, conveyor belts and electrical switch gear from wear and tear as well as theft. Provides a barrier between employees and potential hazards. Machine enclosures are made of 8-gauge welded steel wire mesh modular panels reinforced with in-line folded flutes for long lasting durability. Panels, doors and line posts are have high quality polyurethane paint coating for added strength.

Common Types of Guarding

Barrier Guards

This is the most common type of guard which provides a physical barrier around moving parts to prevent accidental contact.

Distance Guarding

This is a guarding method that usually uses a barrier to prevent employee access to a general area where moving parts are present.

Light Curtains

This is a more sophisticated method of guarding that electronically shuts down the equipment if an employee or other object breaks the plane of protection near the point of operation.

Pullback Devices/ Restraining Straps

This is typically used for punch press and press brake machines. This type of protection relies heavily on proper setup and use by employees, so it's considered the least favorable method of protection.

Machine Function Guarding

This type of guarding consists of machine functionality such as two hand controls, food treadle operation and other methods that prevent an employee from inserting hands or body parts into danger zones during machine operation.