Mechanical Dock Leveler

Mechanical Dock Leveler

Door and Dock solutions offers a complete line of mechanical dock levelers to suite common capacity requirements and application. Acting as the bridge between your facility and the trailer parked at the loading dock, a mechanical leveler offers ease of use and no electric energy costs.


Mechanical dock levelers are also able to be retrofit with a hydraulic conversion kit, offering hydraulic operation if this becomes a consideration for your loading docks in the future. From outfitting new loading docks with everything you'll need to begin operating to repairing existing loading dock facilities or giving them a much needed upgrade. We can handle any size or scale of loading dock project in Houston.

This leveler uses a pull chain activation to raise the deck [ optional semi automatic operation]. The operator then simply walks the deck back down to the bed of a trailer or to a stored position, Includes telescopic steel toe guards that are flush with platform edge for safety. Produces less wear on components and has an overall lower lifetime cost for normal operation.

The hold down assembly in a mechanical dock leveler holds the dock leveler in position in the back of the truck during loading / unloading and to allow the dock leveler to float up and down with the suspension of the truck as it rises and lowers during loading and unloading operations. In some instances the foating movement is over 12″. Every time a fork lift truck drives in and out of the truck, a tremendous shock load is delivered to conventional ratchet and pawl type hold downs. This is why conventional hold-downs are a continual source of break down problems with broken teeth on both the ratchet and pawls.


  • Open frame design for easy pit clean out
  • Integral locking support strut and lip lock keep ramp and lip raised for safety during maintenance and cleaning
  • Structural steel safety legs for free fall protection
  • Central position hold down eliminates deck twist for level storage

Below dock end load control

Mechanical dock leveler is an Economical and Reliable solutions

If price is the main factor then mechanical dock lever is the first choice and it is simple to operate. Our installation team inspects the dock area prior to beginning. We secure the area for safety, then look for obstructions or concerns that may affect the installation. Debris in the pit is always a problem. Cutting the old leveler out with torches could ignite the debris into a fire.If you are removing an electric/hydraulic dock leveler, make sure power has been disconnected before you do anything. We recommend having this done by a qualified electrician. Differences in trailer height and width, and the increasing use of air ride suspensions is encouraging more facility owners to focus on dock levelers and their potential to improve the safety and efficient operation of the dock. Our Dock Services specialist can help select, install and maintain your new dock and door equipment. we service and repair all makes of models of dock levelers.

Loading dock Maintenance, Service and Upgrades

Your loading dock is responsible for the flow of good to and from your business, any disruptions take time, cost money and lose productivity for your business. Unexpected downtime costs your business money in both time and production lost. We'll maintain an extensive record of the work we've completed for you so you'll have always the information handy and know exactly where you stand with your loading dock and door systems.

Loading Dock Parts and Installation Services

Are you expanding an existing facility and increasing your capacity for handling goods? If so you likely need to have new loading docks built, along with all of the proper doors systems, truck restraints, dock levels and other safety systems that go into a loading dock.