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New Caney is an incorporated community in Montgomery County, Houston area Texas, United States, The Woodlands - Sugar Land Metropolitan area. It is near several parks like caney creek park, Lake Houston park and large forest like peach creek trial is a heavily forested part of the area, perfect for best place for picnics and camping.

The name New Caney comes from a story of a Native American named Canoe in the 1850s who was born nearby. His family moved to Washington D.C., then to Kansas where his parents died and he was raised by his aunt and uncle there. He later moved to California where he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area until the 1950s when he moved back to his hometown near Houston, Texas with his wife Barbara in search of fresh air.

Theme parks: big rivers waterpark will feature 11 amusement park rides for the enjoyment and cool down from heat. If you're looking for a meeting place or a good stop around ½ or halfway point between Houston and New Caney, you can try Humble, Tx which is about 17 minutes north of Houston, or about 15 minutes south of New Caney.

Shopping:Valley Ranch Town Center shopping center in New Caney features 1.5 million square feet of shops, restaurants, retail, entertainment and more. There are 13.50 miles from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) to New Caney in the northeast direction and 18 miles by car to New Caney costs only $3 if you drive, and the quickest way takes just 19 mins short drive.

State Highway 99 (the Grand Parkway)) is a proposed 180-mile circumferential highway traversing seven counties in the Greater Houston Area.

The rapidly growing Houston area continues to rank as the fourth largest metro area in the United States behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. New Caney is a small town in north Houston. Caney comes from the Creek Indians and means "the place where the water comes out of a hollow tree stump ."The creek is named for this. Its zip codes are 77454, 77447, 77548, and 77694.

The community was founded as a school district in 1984 called the Woodlands Independent School District. Now it is part of the Houston Independent School District and falls under the jurisdiction of The Woodlands Independent School District.

The Woodlands Independent School District (WISD) is a public school district based in Caney, Texas (USA). In addition to Caney, it serves portions of Sugar Land, which is located south of Houston within Harris County; Sugar Land, located north of Houston within Fort Bend County; and parts of Spring within Montgomery County. Its campuses include two elementary schools (Kindergarten-6), one intermediate school (7th - 12th grade), one high school (12th - 12th grade), and one alternative school (K-3).

New Caney High School was the site for many famous events, such as the Miss America pageant and the Miss Teen USA pageant. It has also been featured on television shows like "Desperate Housewives," "Family Matters," "Newlyweds," and "The Young And The Restless."

In 2004, Caney High was ranked #1 in Texas by CBS News/Newsmax Magazine as one of America's Top 400 High Schools by U.S. News and World Report . In 2006, it received an American Legion National High School Sports Award recognition for producing two outstanding high school athletes to participate at the NAIA schools that year: Caney High's Robert Garcia was an All-American basketball player at Anadarko State University. Garcia won Texas Association of Basketball Coaches' Class A All-State basketball honors.

In 2011, Caney High was recognized as one of Texas' Top 100 Public Schools by TAPSI (Texas Association Of Public Secondary Schools Inc.)

New Caney Parks

Located just north of Sugar Land, Caney is a small community with a long history. It was named for Caney Creek, which ran through the area and was originally used by early settlers for transportation purposes. In 1844, Thomas B. Dixon made the first documented trip up Caney Creek from Sugar Land to Humble. Dixon's journey was quite successful, and he became one of the first people to explore and enter the area.

It's near several parks like Caney creek park, Lake Houston park and large forests like peach creek trial is a heavily forested part of the area.

This history is preserved in local lore and folklore as well as by nearby tourist attractions like Caney Creek State Park, which offers numerous hiking trails with views of the creek. The town also provides an attractive old-timey carousel, rides on a replica train that rolls along the Caney Creek, a Ferris wheel at Caney creek park, a free-flying Ferris wheel at Caney creek park, and outdoor concerts in Caney creek park.

The community is served by several nearby schools, including Lakeview Elementary School, Alief Independent School District (a school system nearest to Houston), Conroe Independent School District (a school system nearest to Houston), and Cypress Woods High School (a school system next to Sugar Land). The town also has several churches, including St John's Episcopal Church, St Lawrence Catholic Church, and others.

Caney is home to two retail stores: General Supply Co., which sells consumer products such as furniture, electronics, or other household items; and Kmart, which specializes in consumer electronics (such as air conditioners). Many businesses are found around Caney Town Square shopping center at Caney creek park along U.S. Highway 59 North/South Commercial Drive West/East Commercial Drive West/East Bell Road North/South Tyler Street North/South Bell Road South/South Preston Street North/South Preston Street West/West Jackson Street North/North Jackson Street South (all points north) Bell Road South (all points south) Bell Road East (all points east) Tyler Street South (all points west) Preston Street West (all points west) Tyler Street South (all points east).

New Caney Landmarks

New Caney marks the southernmost point of the City of Houston, Texas. It was established in 1866 as "Caney Town," after Caney Creek. In 1872, it was renamed "Caney Place ."In the late 1950s, it was purchased by the City of Houston and became a part of the city in 1961.

In 2009, New Caney took on a new identity when it received a master planning and rebranding project from Bullfrog Development Group. The first phase of this project focused on refurbishing the town's historic buildings and community landmarks.

A second phase focused on improving roads and water system infrastructure. The third phase is currently underway to improve access to New Caney through improved transportation options, including adding new interstates and improving streets with better signage and paving.

New Caney ISD [Independent School District]

In 2008, the town of New Caney, Texas, was incorporated. The purpose of the incorporation was to improve the quality of life for residents by eliminating all taxes and regulations that existed in Caney (the town had previously been a city). The area is very mountainous, and there are no paved roads in or near the town.

In 2009, New Caney began its first school district, including over ten schools. In 2011, President Obama visited the community and signed an executive order which resulted in new federal funding for schools in New Caney. At this time, all students from kindergarten through grade six attend school in New Caney.

Today, New Caney is classified as a census-designated place (CDP) with approximately 3,750 people. It is located at 29°01′30″N 96°05′34″W / 29.08861°N 96.096774°W / 29.08861; -96.096774 (29-08-56).

The area was once known as Camp Tontozona, but with the recent development, it is now known as Caneys.

The area did not have any road access until after World War II when an interstate highway was constructed through the area, and a bridge over Tonto Creek was built that connected it to I-35 South (through Fort Bend County) and I-10 West (through Harris County)

Though there are no paved roads in either direction, it is possible to drive into New Caney via I-10 West. New Caney is a part of the Houston Metro Area but only surrounded by Houston's suburbs of Sugar Land, Spring, and Tomball. Additionally, New Caney borders Sugar Land and Spring, which are located on the other side of I-45 and I-610, respectively. New Caney's is not part of any municipality or City district.

Houston, Texas, is just one in a much larger metro area which also includes other big cities like Dallas and San Antonio as well as smaller ones like West Columbia, Arkansas, and many more. The cities around Houston have an employment base that dwarfs all but one other large metro area in America, boasting 1.8 million jobs compared to 2.3 million (Cleveland). Houston has almost 1/3rd (30%) of those jobs, while San Antonio has less than 5% but nearly twice as many people on payrolls (1.1 million vs. 800,000). But this creates a very different picture when you look at how these various cities interact with each other between them; they make up only 0.21% of America's population while they form nearly 40% of its GDP!

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