Overhead Dock Door Protection Systems

POverhead Dock Door Protection Systems

Overhead door track guards are designed to protect doors positioned in high traffic areas of a warehouse.


Track guards are bolted into the floor directly in front of overhead door tracks to provide added layers of protection against forklifts, motorized pallet jacks and other motorized equipment. A broken overhead door track can severely inhibit workflow, especially if the door cannot open or close properly. Time, money and productivity can all be lost. This is a perfect door guarding solution for distribution centers, clean rooms, and cold storage facilities. our H.D.P.E plastic covers eliminate the need to paint! Keep your doors and productivity on track by avoiding expensive door repairs. When a fork truck impacts your overhead doors, your whole company suffers the impact downtime, repair costs and diminished productivity.

In the case of exterior openings, energy loss, rodent infiltration, reduced employee comfort and security are additional concerns. Door track guards help protect overhead door tracks from expensive damage caused by forklifts and vehicles.These steel guards are bolted directly in front of the door tracks and won't interfere with the door's operation. Repairing dock doors and guides is costly and time consuming.

A disabled door can disrupt any operation – at the freezer area, at high speed doors, at the docks. Protect expensive doors with solid steel dock door guard goal posts. High-visibility yellow finish helps drivers see the door frame better, while solid steel cores protect in the event of a collision with raised forks or a sideswipe due to sharp turns.

Easy Installation

  • No field welding required
  • Prevent downtime and expensive door or track repairs
  • Does not interfere with normal door operations
  • Provides maximum track protection without interfering with normal door opening
  • Highly visible safety yellow guard helps prevent impacts
  • Can be configured to nearly any size, height, or width.


  • Custom heights available
  • No maintenance required
  • Long lasting protection
  • Door and Dock solutions professionals have the most experience and expertise to install, maintain and repair these critical components and keep your facility running at peak efficiency Whether you have a need for safety, security, style, value, or all of the above,

Maintenance Free

Schedule 40 steel sleeved in durable plastic to eliminate the need to paint

Eliminate costly door repair and replacement