Pallet Rack Repair service Houston Texas

Pallet rack repair service Houston Texas

Door and dock solution provide Pallet rack repair service Houston Warehouse shelving and racking make up the skeleton of your warehouse,and leaving a damaged rack un repaired can be just as dangerous to your operations and your employees walking around. Forklift collisions, falling product, or other damage due to human error or equipment malfunction can all threaten the safety and efficiency of your warehouse environment.Pallet rack repair is needed in most warehouses and distribution centers due to pallet rack damage from the impact of forklifts and reach-trucks. The pressure to maintain continuous product flow often overrides replacement of damaged pallet racks. Our pallet rack repair option can cut out the damaged areas of the rack and add a cost-efficient sleeve and new post for a more impact resilient solution. In most instances, there is no need to unload the pallet rack.


Main Causes of Pallet Rack Damage

Here are the most common reasons for pallet rack system failure:

  • Damage from fork lift trucks: Accidents or misuse involving lift trucks is the leading cause of pallet rack collapse
  • Overload: Loading rack systems with more than the maximum capacity can result in component failure.
  • Operational changes: When business demands call for a new operational procedure not supported by the current system's design.
  • Incorrect use/installation: Insecure installation or using incompatible components can compromise the integrity of a system
  • Faulty Equipment: Purchasing systems from a non-reputable seller may put a warehouse at risk.

Visual Pallet Rack Inspection

Damages to your system are not always obvious, and can be easily overlooked. A visual rack inspection should be performed often, annually at minimum, to catch any signs of damage before an accident occurs. Be thorough in your visual inspection and take action by unloading inventory and flagging the systems as out of use. The question is, what do you look for in a rack inspection? As you look over your systems, check for the following:

  • Incorrect hardware or faulty attachments
  • Bent or dented uprights and beams
  • Rust / corrosion
  • Overload or incorrectly loaded racks
  • Tilted / leaning rack systems

On Site Rack Repair

Our certified rack repair personnel will make a site visit to repair the damaged warehouse racking.

Minimal Downtime

In most cases, our experienced service technicians can repair the damaged rack in place, without requiring that the product stored on other levels of the rack be removed or relocated.

Rack Reinforcement

Re enforcement and improved strength, when we repair a storage or pallet rack, we remove, replace, and reinforce the damaged section, not only saving you the money of having to replace an entire storage rack due to one area of impact, but leaving your warehouse shelving system stronger than before.

Door and dock solutions provides superior repair services for pallet racks and other warehouse shelving and warehouse racking solutions. Our skilled repair technicians repair and protect your pallet racks, using components for almost every rack type and damage. Every component we make is fabricated for effective load handling, ease of installation, and impact protection. Save Time, Space, Money and safety of your employees.

The collapse of pallet racking can result in damaged goods, lost wages, expenses and unnecessary injuries! We repair and protect your damaged racks whether the damage is below, at or above load beams.

  • High-quality materials
  • All structural tube steel construction
  • 3-point anchors eliminate anchor shearing and column twisting
  • Grade 8 button head bolts
  • All tube steel construction
  • Full perimeter welds
  • 3/8" footplates custom and seismic footplates available
  • Secures with 3/8" bolts
  • Adjusts to fit 36" to 54" deep rack
  • Color Paint Match
  • Adds 10 times the impact protection of the original rack column
  • Eliminates the need for additional guards
  • No drilling required for Tear drop, T-bolt and N/S type racks.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA