Parking Garage Door Houston

Parking Garage Door, Houston, Texas

We have a lot of experience installing and repairing all types of automated parking lot gates, grilles,rolling steel doors, high speed doors and swing open gates.Parking garage doors are divided up into three product categories: Sectional doors, and High speed traffic door. We have rubber door , metal high speed door, or fabric high speed garage doors including cold storage insulated designs, heavy duty pressure resistant doors, and many other styles designed to suit all different types of work environments. Whether you need a garage door for indoor or outdoor applications, or both, we have you covered.Our formula is simple: provide the highest level of service and top quality parts at prices our competitors simply will not beat.


We understand in today's world; affordability plays a major role and a lot of people consider pricing as one of the main criteria when making a selection for any product or service. We not only offer our products and services at a reasonable rate, but also deliver a service that speaks for itself. With high speed traffic doors, the installation and warranty are the most important thing, you won't find a better option for either outside of Door and Dock Solutions With products that can withstand any climate levels, that are durable, easy to clean, fast (door speeds up to 30 inches per second), and a 2 year warranty, let Door and Dock Solutions show you the importance of high quality traffic doors. They come in several different materials to help with the speed, security and productivity of your parking facility.

You don't have to sacrifice quality and strength for speed when you can have it available now. These high speed doors provide you with many years of worry free performance and require very little maintenance, even in high use areas. High speed commercial garage doors are used in all business environments including auto dealerships, maintenance garages, cold storage and freezer units, high traffic sanitary operations and parking garages.

They remain at top performance levels even in the harshest weather and heaviest use areas. Door and Dock Solutions has installed and serviced several of the roll up doors that you see in the Downtown Houston and Chicago area . When your garage doors are opening and closing your building is losing valuable climate control. By using a high speed door to quickly return the door to the secured position you will save thousands in energy costs not to mention the time saved not waiting for the door to cycle. These doors display superior speed without sacrificing reliability or performance and are easily maintained in proper working order with minimal maintenance.